Why do you need a birthday and secret question and answer from me?

Dynadot takes your account security seriously. This is why we ask you to enter a secret question and answer as well as a "birthday" on your first login. The information you enter should be valid information that you will be able to remember as we will ask for this information during certain account functions such as editing your account info and unlocking your domains.

Your "birthday" does not need to be your actual birthday, but should be a date that you will be able to remember. If you do forget it, you'll need to submit a forgot birthday request.

Your secret question should be something a stranger would not know about you. For example:

Question: favorite food
Answer: apple

Please note that in the future, your secret answer must be entered exactly as it was when you created it. So, for the example above, "Apple" or "APPLE" would be seen as incorrect by our system.

Want to add even more security to your account? Add Google Authenticator and/or SMS Authenticator to your account.