How do I place a backorder request for a pending delete domain?

Dynadot has a domain backorder service available in our marketplace. You can place a backorder on a pending delete domain and we will try to catch it for you as it "drops" or is re-released to the public for registration. To place a backorder request, you must first meet the following requirements:

You are now ready to place a backorder request. Here is how it works:

  • If there is only one backorder placed, an order will be created and we will do our very best to catch the domain for you. Please understand there is no guarantee we will be successful. These domains are being dropped by the central registry and there may be competition from other domain registrars.
  • If there are multiple backorders for the same domain, a 3-day private auction will be held for the customers that placed backorders on the domain. The starting bid will be $5 over the backorder price and will be placed for the customer who first placed the backorder.