• If my domain expires during a transfer, will the transfer still be completed?

    If your domain transfer was initiated before the expiration date, the transfer can still be completed. Most domain registrars will let the domain transfer continue if the domain has expired before the transfer has been completed; however, there are a few registrars that will manually deny the transfer after the domain has expired. If this worries you, you should contact your previous domain registrar, and ask them if they will still let the domain transfer continue since the transfer was initiated before the domain expired. NOTE: A domain transfer does not start right after you submit a domain transfer order to us. A domain transfer starts after the transfer has been authorized. You will receive a "Transfer Initiated" email from us when that happens. See the steps involved in a domain transfer.

  • How do I transfer my .AM domain to Dynadot or away from Dynadot?

    .AM cannot be transferred through our transfer page (or another registrar's transfer page) like other top-level domain extensions (TLDs). If you want to transfer your .AM domain, you must visit dot.am/TransferTrade.pdf to download and fill out the .AM transfer & trade form. Then, you need to submit this form to transfer@registr.am. Please note that you will be required to submit the following supporting documentation along with the form: Letter from the current domain owner indicating the tasks being authorized Individual Owner: Attach a copy of a valid government issued photo ID for validation purposes Owner Organization: The letter should be on company stationery (letterhead) and include a company seal (if available) Please be aware that this form can also be used to change ownership of a .AM domain (with or without transferring the domain). You cannot use our change owner process for .AM.

  • What restaurant or food and drink related domain extensions do you support?

    We support several domain extensions that fall under the restaurant, bar, and/or food and drink categories. All of them were recently released or are about to launch. .BAR .CAFE .CATERING .COOKING .DIET .EXPRESS .FARM .FISHING .GLASS .KITCHEN .MENU .ORGANIC .PUB .RECIPES .REST - Short for restaurant .RESTAURANT .REVIEW .REVIEWS Food: .FISH .KIWI .PIZZA .SOY Drink: .BEER .COFFEE .VIN - French for wine .VODKA .WINE See our full list of TLDs that we support.

  • What Central & South American domain extensions does Dynadot support?

    We support country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) for Africa, but do not have any regional or city TLDs for the region yet. ccTLDs: .CO - Colombia's domain. .BZ - Belize's domain. Regional: .LAT - The domain for Latin America. In addition to these geographically focused TLDs, we also offer several Spanish TLDs. If you want to see more ccTLDs that we support, simply click on the title. You can also check out our full list of TLDs that we support.

  • How do I renew my domain?

    If you don't renew your domain, you risk losing it! To renew your domain, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Manage" from the "Domains" drop-down menu. Check the box next to the domain name(s) you want to renew. Hover over the "Renew" icon and select "Renew." The selected domain(s) will be added to your shopping cart along with any domain privacy that you have with them. To checkout, click on the shopping cart and then click the "Check Out" button. Our system will take you through the check out process to submit your order. You will receive an "Order Complete" email from us when your order has finished processing and your domain (and privacy if applicable) has been renewed. You can also renew your domain for multiple years. If your domain has already expired, you may still be able to renew it during its grace renewal period. You can see how much time each domain extension offers for grace renewal on our TLD page. Please note that renewing your domain during its grace renewal period will be at the same price as a regular renewal (you can also see our renewal prices on our TLD page) until the last 10 days, during which Dynadot charges a $10 late renewal fee. Don't want to forget about your domain renewals? Learn how to set up auto-renew for your domains and our system will take care of the renewal for you! If your domain is past its renewal grace period, you may still be able to restore your domain; however this will be at a higher cost than a regular renewal. Find out more about the domain lifecycle. Don't want to renew your domain? Learn how to set your domain to "Do Not Renew".

  • What domain extensions does Dynadot support from Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand?

    We support several country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), as well as one regional TLD. Some TLDs may have recently launched or will be launching soon. ccTLDs: .TV - Tuvalu's domain .WS - Samoa's domain (formerly Western Samoa) .PW - Palau's domain .FM - Federated States of Micronesia's domain .CC - Cocos Islands' domain Regional TLDs: .KIWI - Regional/identifying domain for the New Zealanders or "Kiwis". If you want to see more ccTLDs or regional TLDs that we support, simply click on the title. You can also check out our full list of TLDs that we support.

  • Can I transfer my domain from Dynadot to a different domain registrar?

    Yes, you can transfer your domain(s) to another domain registrar. There is no fee or penalty to do this; however, there are some restrictions: Domains that have expired cannot be transferred. You must renew them through us first. Domains less than 60 days old cannot be transferred. This is a rule enforced by the central registries. Domains recently transferred to Dynadot cannot be transferred out for 60 days. Domains in "Buy Lock" or "Auction Lock" status cannot be transferred. Find out how to transfer your domains away from Dynadot

  • How do I generate a new auth code for my domain?

    In most cases, you shouldn't need to generate a new authorization code for your domain just to transfer it. However, sometimes if there is an issue with your transfer, generating a new auth code can help solve the issue. Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Manage" from the "Domains" drop-down menu. Click on the domain name you want to transfer (it should be a blue link). Scroll down to the "Transfer Lock & Auth Code" section. If you have already begun your transfer, your domain should say "No" next to "Transfer Lock." If it's not, this is likely the problem. You need to unlock your domain and you probably don't need to generate a new auth code. To access your auth code and generate a new one, you will need to unlock your account using the "unlock your account" link. Once your account is unlocked, your should see your domain's current authorization code. Click on the "Generate New Auth Code" button to generate a new code to replace the current one. If you are in the middle of a transfer, you will need to update your pending transfer with the new auth code.

  • Who has the rights to a .UK domain?

    Direct registrations on .UK officially launched on June 10, 2014 08:00 UTC. Prior to this date, there were only a few registrations that had been allowed on .UK. As a courtesy to .CO.UK domain owners, they have the first rights to their domain name on .UK. If you are a .ORG.UK owner, you have first rights to your domain name on .UK only if no one owns your domain name on .CO.UK. If you are a .ME.UK owner, you have first rights to your domain name on .UK only if no one owns either the .CO.UK or the .ORG.UK. The only exception to the above break down of first rights is if the higher priority domain was purchased after 10/28/13 23:59 UTC and the lower priority domain was purchased before this date. For example, if the .CO.UK domain name was purchased after 10/28/13 23:59 UTC and the .ORG.UK was purchased before that date, then the .ORG.UK owner has the rights to their domain name on .UK. All owners have the rights to their .UK domain name until 6/10/19 07:59 UTC. If you are unsure if you have the rights to your domain name on .UK, you can check using the rights checker on dotuklaunch.co.uk. If you would like to purchase a .UK domain name that you have the rights to, you must use the same registrant name that you used for your .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, or .ME.UK domain name. Please note that in order to register a .UK domain, you must also have an admin in the UK as .UK domains are restricted. NOTE: If you do not have the rights to the .UK domain you ordered, we will be forced to cancel your order. .UK domains that have a right of registration will be marked in our search results.

  • Do you support the use of favicons with your stealth forwarding service?

    No, we currently do not support the use of favicons with our stealth forwarding service. We do, however, support favicons on our Website Builder! Build your own custom website with our beautiful, easy-to-use templates and get access to add your own favicon with any upgrade!