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Through our domain aftermarket, you can: acquire expired domains, place backorders to catch re-released domains, participate in user auctions, list domains for sale, and more.
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onlinetv.one1 day, 57 min | Current Bid: $405.00 | Bids: 51
1 day, 57 min
dancehallreggae.com3 hours, 5 min | Current Bid: $510.00 | Bids: 41
3 hours, 5 min
kyplex.com2 days, 4 hours | Current Bid: $145.00 | Bids: 30
2 days, 4 hours
tightfit.com3 days, 3 hours | Current Bid: $706.69 | Bids: 29
3 days, 3 hours
creditremix.com4 hours, 5 min | Current Bid: $560.00 | Bids: 27
4 hours, 5 min
ejlk.com2 hours, 48 min | Current Bid: $120.00 | Bids: 26
2 hours, 48 min
ddmu.com2 hours, 45 min | Current Bid: $260.00 | Bids: 25
2 hours, 45 min
cryptowalletsupport.com1 day, 2 hours | Current Bid: $155.00 | Bids: 24
1 day, 2 hours
uvc.xyz1 day, 3 hours | Current Bid: $84.10 | Bids: 19
1 day, 3 hours
dark.biz4 hours, 5 min | Current Bid: $46.00 | Bids: 18
4 hours, 5 min

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New to domain investing?

Participating in our domain aftermarket is easy, but domain investing can be a complex topic to jump into for newcomers. To help out, we've created a beginner's guide to help investors understand the basics and best practices.

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Dynadot Market FAQs

What is the purpose of a domain aftermarket? Can't I just register my domain names?

Domain markets offer a unique opportunity to acquire and sell domains that are not available through traditional domain registration means (such as simply searching and registering a domain). Once a user has registered a domain, that domain is unavailable for other users to register. Dynadot's market provides various methods to register these domains, typically tied to certain conditions (such as domain expiration, or another user selling the domain they have registered). By using a domain market, you have the chance to register these domains and choose what you want to accomplish with them. That could include using it for a brand, a business investment, a personal website, or just to re-sell at a later date.

Are there any requirements for participating in your domain aftermarket?

Participating in our aftermarket is a simple process, though there are some requirements. These requirements vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish:

To participate in our auctions, user marketplace, or backorder request system, you must have a Dynadot account and have an account spending of at least $5 within the last year (account prepay is applicable) before being eligible to participate. You also must not be banned from our auctions.

In order to sell your domains through our aftermarket, the domain must be in your Dynadot account. Then, you can simply list them for sale through our Marketplace or you can choose to auction then off in a User Auction.

What is the best way to keep track of domains listed in your aftermarket?

The best way to monitor any domain, regardless of whether they are included in our aftermarket or not, is to use watchlists. Our watchlist will assist with keeping up to date on the status of any number of domains, all from a convenient list in your account control panel. We will also notify you of important events, such as time remaining on domain auctions that you've followed.

What payment methods are supported by Dynadot that can be used to participate in your aftermarket?

Dynadot supports a wide variety of payment methods to buy aftermarket domain names. Our full list of payment methods and currencies are available here. Dynadot also has an incremental payment plan to accommodate users who want to acquire more valuable domains overtime.

How do I learn more about each of the individual domain market listings Dynadot offers?

Each of our market domains listings offer different opportunities to acquire valuable domains, and as such, they have domain names specific to that listing. To learn more about each of our listings, we have help articles available that go through our tools in more detail. Here is a list of help articles that provide an overview on each of our aftermarket listings:Expired Domain Auction, Last Chance Auctions, Domain Backorders, Domain Backorder Auctions, User Auctions, Domain Marketplace. If you still have any questions, our support team is always available to assist with your domain buying and selling needs!

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