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All the publicly available Whois database information is available - from ownership, creation date and expiration date to nameservers and registrar used.
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What is a Whois Lookup?
A Whois lookup is a domain information gathering tool that allows users to access the Whois database, which is a public directory of information about registered domain names. Specific domain extensions require domain owners to provide accurate contact information to domain registrars based on ICANN regulations, which is then shown in the Whois search results. These results include the following about the domain and its owner:
  • Contact information for the domain, domain administrator or the technical domain contact.
  • Registrar information about where the domain was registered.
  • Original registration date, recent renewal date and expected expiration date.
  • Nameserver information.
  • The domain's most recent status.
Domain information displayed in the Whois lookup results will vary depending on whether the domain has Whois privacy enabled.
Whois Privacy
Dynadot provides free Whois privacy for all your domains. This privacy hides your Whois lookup contact information to prevent spam and scammers from abusing the publicly available information. Dynadot believes that all domain owners are entitled to hide their contact information from the general public if desired at no additional charge, which is why all domains registered through us that allow domain privacy come with privacy protection. You can easily set your default privacy levels for your domains through your Dynadot account.
How a Whois Lookup Works
When a domain name is registered, the registrant (user making the registration) is required to submit contact information. It is then attached to that registered domain for the length of that domain's registration period. This information is securely held by domain registrars (such as Dynadot) and provided automatically to the domain registry. The domain registries are the entities that own specific top-level domains (such as Verisign, the owners of .com and .net). The registry then manages the Whois database for those domain extensions.

This process of collecting and holding information is defined by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is a non-profit organization that has many roles. One of these roles is to regulate the domain name registration process. All registries must abide by ICANN regulations to become officially accredited by the organization, with the exception of country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) who define their own contact information tracking rules.

Whenever you conduct a Whois lookup, the data is pulled directly from the registry database to get the most accurate and update-to-date official information. This information is not recorded in real-time, as the database itself can take time to update. This is why recent changes may not show up in the Whois search results.
What is the Whois Lookup Data Used For?
Whois Lookups have a wide range of uses. The most common focuses on domain name research for acquisition purposes, which can include:
  • Getting contact information on ownership for purchasing outreach.
  • Domain name availability checks.
  • Monitoring a domain's expiry for registration opportunities.
Outside of purchasing or availability inquiries, it can be used as a:
  • Journalism tool (discovering who owns a website and content ownership).
  • Legal tool (contact registrants using domains for illegal purposes or trademark infringement).
  • Network administration diagnosis (for troubleshooting domain-related issues).
  • As a resource for spammers and marketers to create contact lists, which is why domain privacy is recommended!
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