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  • How accurate are your Expired Auction traffic and revenue stats?

    Our Expired Domain Auctions offer information about the monthly revenue, monthly visitors, inbound links, and age of the domain. We use well-known third party parking companies to park expired domain names. The stats we publish on the Expired Domain Auctions page are directly from these companies. We also use EstiBot Domain Appraiser to provide an estimated value of the domain name in our auctions. According to EstiBot, they use a "statistically derived model to calculate the value of a domain name based on over one hundred internal and external domain attributes. Internal attributes include domain length, extension, word count, pronunciation and other characteristics directly linked to a specific domain". More information about EstiBot's methodology is available here.

  • How do I edit my Marketplace listing?

    Our Marketplace is the place to buy and sell domains! When you set your domain for sale, our system will automatically default it to "make offer." You can edit your Marketplace listing to add more information about your domain - including setting its price. To do so, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Open the "Aftermarket" menu in the left-side menu bar and select the "My Marketplace" option . Click on the link under the "Settings" column. You will be able to edit the following information: category, subcategory, price, description, and whether it includes a website. To set the price, you will need to first unlock your account. Press the "Save" button to save your changes. Learn how to view your Marketplace listing Learn how to close your Marketplace listing

  • How does selling a domain using the Make Offer system work?

    1. First, you would need to create your listing. 2. When a potential buyer sends you an offer, a chat will be created between you and them. 3. You will be able to view your chats by clicking My Marketplace in the left-side menu bar, then clicking Offers In/Out from the dropdown. 4. If you do not like the initial offer, you can choose to send a counter-offer. 5. Once you have agreed on a price, you will be prompted to finalize the sale by unlocking your account and selecting the currency for the order. 6. The link will be sent to the buyer, and you will be sent an email to notify you once the buyer has submitted the order. All messages can be access through your Dynadot control panel.

  • How do I bid on a User Auction?

    Dynadot now offers User Auctions! Domains listed in our User Auctions have been listed by Dynadot users themselves! To place a bid in a User Auction, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Find the domain you want to bid on on the "User Auctions" page, under the "Aftermarket" section of our site. Click on the domain name itself. In the price box, enter your proxy bid amount. Check the box below to acknowledge that you will pay for this auction if you win and to acknowledge that you agree to our Service Agreement. Press the "Place Bid" button to place your bid. NOTE: If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction, the auction time will be extended for another 5 minutes. There is no limit to the number of times an auction may be extended before the auction's final "end time" is set. Domains won in our User Auctions will be placed in "Buy Lock" status for 30 days. Please note that domains won in our User Auctions will not be renewed with the order, and any renewal cost would not be included in the final price.

  • How do I download a list of the current Expired Auction domains?

    Find your next great domain in our Expired Domain Auctions! You can use the search options to search through the domains in our auctions on the page or you can download a list in a CSV file. To download a list of the current Expired Auction domains, please follow these steps: Navigate to the Expired Domains Auction page under our Domain Market section. Click on the blue "Download" button. Save the CSV file to your computer. Want to keep an eye a particular domain? Add it to your watch list. How do I participate in your Expired Domain Auctions? How do I place a bid on an Expired Domain Auction?

  • By how much will my bid be increased when proxy bidding in a Marketplace auction?

    The amount by which your bid is increased will depend on the current bid. As the current price goes up, so will the amount of your bid. Automatic bidding will stop when your max proxy bid is reached. Bid Increments

  • I paid for my winning Expired Domain Auction order. Why is it still processing?

    Expired Domain Auction won orders take 3 to 4 days to process as you await the tail-end of the original registrant's Renewal Grace Period. If not renewed, the domain will be added to your account as soon as this period is over. In rare cases, a domain won at auction will not be added to your account because it was renewed by the original registrant. If you need an estimated date and time for when your auction order will complete processing, please email [email protected] and include your order number in the subject line. NOTE: Once the domain is added to your account, it will be in "Auction Lock" status.

  • What is an Expired Domain Auction?

    When a domain is not renewed by the registrant, it is auctioned off. The highest bidder for the domain may then receive the domain in their Dynadot account. Auctions last for 7 days, and you can bid anytime during that period. If a bid is received in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the end time will be extended by 5 minutes. There is no limit to the number of times an auction may be extended before the auction's final "end time" is set. You may also place a proxy bid for higher than the current minimum bid. If someone else places a bid, the system will automatically bid for you until your max proxy bid amount is reached. If you are the highest bidder when the auction ends, you have 2 days to pay for the auction. Once you pay, the domain is moved into your Dynadot account in about 4 days, provided it is not renewed by the original Registrant. To bid on an auction, first create a Dynadot account if you haven't already. We require at least $5 account spending before you can participate in our expired domain auctions. You can prepay $5 into your account and use the account credit to pay for your first won auction or other purchase with us. NOTE: An Expired Auction may be cancelled if the original registrant renews the domain.

  • How do I place a backorder request for a pending delete domain?

    Dynadot has a domain backorder service available in our marketplace. You can place a backorder on a pending delete domain and we will try to catch it for you as it "drops" or is re-released to the public for registration. To place a backorder request, you must first meet the following requirements: You must have $5 in account balance or have successfully completed an order of $5+ in the last 365 days. If you are new to Dynadot or do not have a recent order history, the easiest way to fulfill this requirement is by creating a prepay order. You cannot be banned from our auctions. You must set your marketplace default payment settings in your account. You are now ready to place a backorder request. Here is how it works: If there is only one backorder placed, an order will be created and we will do our very best to catch the domain for you. Please understand there is no guarantee we will be successful. These domains are being dropped by the central registry and there may be competition from other domain registrars. If there are multiple backorders for the same domain, a backorder auction will be held. The starting bid will be $5 over the backorder price and will be placed for the customer who first placed the backorder. Learn more about our backorders or how to place a bid in our backorder auctions.

  • How do I list my domain for sale in your Marketplace?

    Our Marketplace is the place to buy and sell domains! Setting your domain for sale is easy. You just need to follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "My Domains" from the left-side menu bar and click "Manage Domains" in the drop-down. Check the box next to the domain name(s) you wish to list for sale. Select "Sell Domain" from the "Bulk Action" drop-down menu. Select "Marketplace" from the drop-down menu and click the "Save Settings" button. Your domain will be defaulted to "make offer" for the listing. If you want to set a certain price and set a category and/or subcategory, you can edit your listing under the "My Marketplace" menu. You can also add website and description details here. IMPORTANT: Dynadot marketplace commission fee is 5% of the sold price. There is no listing fee at this time. The processing period will take 6-10 days. The listing may be put on pending sale status while we wait for the payment to clear, up to 5 days. Domain sale proceeds are given in account credit by default. This credit can be used as payment for any future orders placed at Dynadot. Dynadot now supports Payouts. Looking for your next domain name? Enter keywords into our domain suggestion tool and discover quality domains that are available for registration.



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