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How do I participate in your Expired Domain Auctions?

Our Expired Domain Auctions are a great way to pick up domains that are about to expire. There are a few requirements to participate:

  • You must have a Dynadot Account (creating one is free).
  • You must not be banned from our auctions.
  • You must have $5 in account balance, or have completed a successful order payment of at least $5 with us within the last 365 days. If you are new to Dynadot or do not have a recent order history, the easiest way for you to fulfill this requirement is by creating a prepay order. Please note that the amount of the prepay will default to $100.00, but you can adjust this manually.

Our expired auctions use proxy bidding. If you have the winning bid, you will be sent an email when the auction closes. There will be a very limited payment window (48 hours) before the order is cancelled, so we recommend using auto-pay for auction orders.

NOTE: In rare cases, a domain won at auction will not be added to your account because it was renewed by the original registrant. If this occurs, your account will credited the full amount of the order. Because of the nature of the life-cycle of a domain, we must auction expiring domains at the tail-end of the original registrant's Renewal Grace Period. In most cases, this will not cause a problem and the domain will be added to your Dynadot account in 3-4 days.

How do I place a bid on an Expired Domain Auction?

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