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  • Do I get a discount if I buy domain names in bulk?

    Yes! Dynadot offers discounted domain pricing when you spend more than $500 with us in the last 365 days. We have two levels of discounted pricing that you can qualify for: Bulk Domain Pricing: $500+ spending per year Super Bulk Domain Pricing: $5000+ spending per year Once you reach $500+ or $5000+ in spending, your account will automatically receive our discounted domain pricing. If you want to receive our discounted domain pricing immediately, you can do so by prepaying into your account the amount you need to reach your preferred spending level.

  • How do I find out what domain sales and coupons Dynadot has available?

    Dynadot always has domain sales and we also sometimes offer coupon codes that can help you save money on your next purchase with us! Our sales and coupon information is sent out monthly via our newsletter (along with other exciting announcements) - subscribe now! In addition, there are several places where we post this information: You can find all of our ongoing sales on our Sales Page. You can find even more info, including last minute sales and coupons, on our social media pages: Facebook and Twitter. We list domain sales on our homepage and on most of our TLD pages (this will only list sales, not coupons). Want to earn money toward your next purchase?Participate in our Refer-a-Friend program to earn $5 for every friend you refer to Dynadot, and your friends earn $5 too!Join our affiliate program to earn a commission by promoting Dynadot's products.

  • How do I know how much I need to prepay to reach the next pricing level?

    Dynadot has three different pricing levels: Regular, Bulk, and Super Bulk. Each pricing level is based on your spending with us in the last 365 days. Both Bulk and Super Bulk pricing offer customers discounted pricing and other benefits.The easiest way to get to a certain pricing level and immediately reap the benefits is by prepaying into your account. To get to Bulk Pricing, you need to have $500 in annual spending and Super Bulk Pricing requires $5,000 in annual spending.You can see what your annual spending amount is by logging in to your Dynadot account and look at the "Annual Spending" section directly from the summary page. Then, you can prepay the amount you need to reach either $500/year or $5,000/year. Once your prepay order is complete, you will see your "Price Level" updated under the"Price Level" section and you will immediately have access to the discounted pricing and other benefits of that pricing level.

  • Where is the price list for all your services?

    You can find prices for our various services on the following pages:TLD Prices page: This page includes all our registration, renewal, and transfer pricing for all top-level domains we support. This page also shows bulk and super bulk pricing discounts. Domain Grace Deletion page: Some of our TLDs have a grace deletion fee. Find out which TLDs support grace deletions, if they have a fee, how much it is, how long the grace period is, and if there is a maximum rate.Website Builder Prices page: Check out the pricing for our free plan and pro plan and find out what great tools each comes with on our prices page.Email Hosting page: Find out about our Email Hosting pricing, as well as more about the product including disk space, uptime, and email accounts supported.SSL Page: Get pricing for regular SSL and wildcard SSL, as well as info about encryption level, warranty, CA certificate, and browser recognition.Domain Marketplace page: Our domain marketplace includes domains that are at auction as well as domains set for sale by owner. Please visit our marketplace pages to see what pricing is available.Payment Options page: No prices here, but this is the page where you can find out how best to take advantage of our great prices! Plus, you can find out more about what currencies we support.

  • Do you charge an ICANN fee on top of your domain registration fee?

    No, we do not charge a ICANN fee on top of our domain registration fee. All fees are included in our domain prices; you won't see any additional fees added at checkout. We believe in transparent domain pricing.Check out our domain price list.

  • Why did your Euro pricing, CNY pricing, Canadian Dollar pricing and/or Mexican Pesos pricing suddenly change?

    When we increase or decrease prices in USD, we try to give our customers advanced notice. If you are purchasing in any other currency; however, you may notice fluctuations happening more randomly. This is because we try to adjust our non-USD pricing based on the fluctuations of that currency against the US Dollar. This includes the follow currencies: Euros (EUR) Chinese Yuan (CNY) Canadian Dollars (CAD) Mexican Pesos (MXN) How do I set my preferred currency? What payment methods do you accept?

  • How can I see what my pricing level is?

    Dynadot has three different pricing levels: Regular, Bulk, and Super Bulk. Each pricing level is based on your spending with us in the last 365 days. Both Bulk and Super Bulk pricing offer customers discounted pricing and other benefits.Want to see what your pricing level is? No problem! Sign in to your Dynadot account. Look for "Price Level" section at the top of the summary page. Want to upgrade your pricing level to get immediate discounts and benefits? You can prepay into your account to reach $500/year or $5,000/year. (Your current annual spending total is also listed in the "Info" section under "Total Spending.")

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