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    New TLDs

    • What is a name collision?

      According to ICANN, "a name collision occurs when an attempt to resolve a name used in a private name space (e.g. under a non-delegated Top-Level Domain, or a short, unqualified name) results in a query to the public Domain Name System (DNS). When the administrative boundaries of private and public namespaces overlap, name resolution may yield unintended or harmful results. Name collisions are not new. The introduction of any new domain name into the DNS, whether a generic TLD, country code TLD or second-level domain name, creates the potential for name collision. However, queries for un-delegated TLDs at the root level of the DNS have received renewed attention because certain applied-for new TLD strings could be identical to name labels used in private networks. A secure, stable and resilient Internet is ICANN's number one priority. Therefore, we've made a commitment to the Internet community to launch a substantial effort to mitigate and manage name collision occurrence." You may have noticed that many of the new TLD Registries have recently been releasing their domain name collisions. This is being done after working with ICANN to deal with any potential issues that could arise from these domain names. Keep an eye on our blog for any upcoming announcements on name collision releases.

    • Do you have an alphabetical list of the new TLDs that have launched and are now available for general registration?

      Yes! We created an alphabetical list of the new TLDs that have launched on our blog. We often update the list and you will see the date of the last update at the bottom. See a full list of all the TLDs we support

    • What are new TLDs (nTLDs)?

      New TLDs (nTLDs) are top-level domain extensions that were released starting in January 2014. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, started the New gTLD Program with the goal of enabling the largest expansion of the Domain Name System (DNS) to date. Since this program began, there have been over 1200 new gTLDs delegated. The first group of gTLDs were originally launched in 1985. Since then there have been a few other TLD launches including .INT in 1988, seven TLDs in 2000 including .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME, and .PRO, six "sponsored" TLDs (sTLDs) in 2004 including .MOBI and .TEL, and finally .XXX in 2011. As you can see, no other TLD launches have allowed for as much expansion as the most recent new TLDs. Although, we have not launched all 1200 new TLDs, we do currently offer over 500 TLDs for registration (both old and new). Check out our full list of TLDs to find your dream domain today! You can also check out our domain categories to help you narrow down the TLD that's right for you!

    • What is the renewal and transfer price for a premium Rightside domain?

      The renewal and transfer price of a registry premium domain from Rightside depends on the registration price. In many cases, the renewal and transfer price is the same as the domain's registration price. If you want to know what the renwal and transfer price is for a premium domain, you can email us at Rightside domains include the following extensions*: .ACTOR .AIRFORCE .ARMY .ATTORNEY .AUCTION .BAND .CONSULTING .DANCE .DEGREE .DEMOCRAT .DENTIST .ENGINEER .FORSALE .FUTBOL .GIVES .HAUS .IMMOBILIEN .KAUFEN .LAWYER .MARKET .MODA .MORTGAGE .NAVY .NINJA .PUB .REHAB .REPUBLICAN .REVIEWS .RIP .ROCKS .SOCIAL .SOFTWARE .VET .VIDEO *There may be additional domains whose central registry is Rightside as we are often launching new TLDs from Rightside as well as other registries. To see if a certain domain is a Rightside domain, you can check the "Domain Information" table under "Registry" on any individual domain's page (click on the domain you want from our TLD list). Please note that premium prices are subject to change per the registry. This applies to registration, renewal, and transfer pricing.

    • What is a brand TLD?

      A brand TLD is a top-level domain that is a brand or corporation name. With the launch of ICANN's new gTLD program, they allowed brands to apply for their own TLD. For example, Visa has .VISA, Ferrari has .FERRARI, McDonalds has .MCDONALDS, and many, many more. In most cases, brand TLDs will be restricted to brand usage only (though this is up to the individual brand). As a result, Dynadot does not support any brand TLDs. We do, however, support over 500 TLDs (including many new TLDs). See our full list and find your dream domain today!

    • Can I register domains through Dynadot during a new TLD's Landrush period?

      Landrush period is a special period during which registration for a new TLD that has not yet launched is available either to a special group or at a special (usually premium) price. In most cases no, we do not support registrations during a new TLD's Landrush period. The exception to this is Verisign's new IDN versions of .COM and .NET, which so far includes .コム, .닷컴, .닷넷, and will have more to come. We will be participating in both the Priority Access Period and the Landrush Period that follows the TLD's Priority Access Period. For those new TLDs that we don't support Landrush for, you can instead place a preorder with us before the TLD has launched. Then, our system will attempt to register that domain name for you right when the new TLD launches.

    • What are the launch phases of a new TLD?

      There are several launch phases that occur before a new top-level domain (nTLD) officially launches and is available to the public for registration. The phases depend on the central registry that is launching the TLD, but typically they include: Sunrise period: This period allows trademark holders the opportunity to secure their trademark on the new TLD. Landrush period: This period typically offers registrations at a premium price or to a special group (also usually at a premium price). Early Access period: This is a special period usually available right before a new TLD officially launches. Typically, prices are premium, but they get lower each day of the period. General Availability (GA): Once a new TLD is GA, it has officially launches and is available to the public for registration. Please note that some new TLD offer pre-orders before their GA launch. Pre-orders simply allow the registrant to try and register the domain they want right when GA starts.

    • When are the new TLDs launching?

      Not all of the new TLDs have official launch dates yet, but we keep a list on our TLD page under the "Launching TLDs" section. If you want to check out past launch dates, we have a 2015 New TLD Launch Date infographic and a 2014 New TLD Launch Date Infographic. If you are interested in registering a new TLD that has not yet launched, you can check our preorder page where you can attempt to register your dream domain name before it officially launches! (This page is updated as we receive pricing for upcoming new TLDs and may not include all launching TLDs.) You can also visit our blog where you can stay informed about all the new TLD information or check out the New TLD section of our help files. Check out our TLD page to see a full list of the TLDs we support.

    • What is ICANN's New gTLD Program?

      ICANN's New gTLD Program is an initiative to introduce new top-level domains (TLDs) to the Domain Name System (DNS) in what has been the largest expansion to date. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and all the way back in 2005, they began planning out a process to consider new gTLDs. The process involved several rounds of applications followed by evaluation and, if approved, eventually delegation. The first applications were accepted in January of 2012 and over 1,930 were received. Two years later, in January of 2014, the first new gTLDs became available for registration. Since then more than 1,200 new gTLDs have been delegated. Although we don't offer all 1,200 new gTLDs, we do support over 500 TLDs (both old and new). See our full list and find your dream domain today!

    • What is the difference between the launch date and the grab date of a new TLD?

      Some new TLDs have both a launch date and a grab date. The reason for this is usually because the new TLD has a "Early Access General Availability" period. This period is before the official launch of the domain. In this case, we will attempt to register a preordered domain name on the grab date, which is the official launch date for that domain. This is also because the price to register domains during the Early Access period is much higher. An example of this is Donuts' Early Access General Availability period, which runs for 7 days before launch.