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Para onde posso enviar os documentos do meu .CN para auditoria?

Para enviar os documentos do seu .CN, siga estas etapas:

  1. Entre na sua conta Dynadot.
  2. Selecione "Meus Domínios" no menu à esquerda e clique em "Registro de Contato" nas opções.
  3. Find the contact record you are trying to audit and click on the blue "none" link under the "Cnnic .Cn Audit" column.
  4. Select the 'Contact Type' that applies to you and fill all information requested.
  5. Click on the "Choose File" button to upload your document(s).
  6. Pressione o botão "Iniciar auditoria" para iniciar a auditoria.

NOTE: If your contact record lists a business name, you will need to send official business documents such as Business License or Articles of Incorporation; along with photo ID for the audit.

If only your name is under the contact record, and you are a Chinese citizen, you can send your government-issued photo ID or Passport. For other individual registrants, please send us a copy of your passport for the audit.

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