How do I configure my Disqus account to work with my Website Builder?

Our Website Builder uses Disqus for our blog comments. Disqus is a blog comment hosting service that helps you engage your audience, retain your readers, and see your success. Disqus is already installed on all of our Website Builders, but you will also need to create an account and set it up it within your Website Builder as well. To get started, please follow these steps:

  1. Visite o site Disqus.
  2. Insira seu nome e endereço de e-mail.
  3. Selecione "Eu quero instalar Disqus no meu site".
  4. Insira o nome do seu site. Por exemplo, http://sitebuilder31157.dynadot.com.
  5. Select your category and press the "Create Site" button.
  6. Selecione seu plano (Básico é gratuito).
  7. Skip step 2 as Disqus is already installed on our website builder platform.
  8. Selecione a opção 3 "Configurar Disqus".
  9. Enter your Website URL and press the "Complete Setup" button.


  1. Click the gear icon to configure your site's community settings.
  2. Copy your website short name shown above your website name.


  1. Enter that in your Dynadot Website Builder blog settings.

Os comentários do seu blog devem funcionar imediatamente.