What does it mean when a website is cached and how do I clear my cache?

Caching is the temporary storage of web documents such as HTML pages and images. Basically, your web browser stores copies of web pages you've visited recently to reduce its bandwidth usage, server load, and lag.

This could be why your website is offline, why it seems like your name servers still aren't set, or why you can't see the changes you've made to your website.

If you suspect this is the case, you can first try clicking "refresh" on your browser a few times. If this still does not work, you can clear your browser's cache to see if that is the problem. Each browser is different, but here are some links to the most popular browsers cache clearing instructions:

If any of these links don't provide the information you need to clear your cache, there are many other resources online that can help.

You can see an un-cached view of your website, using our snapshot tool.

Another good tip is to visit the website on a device after turning OFF the wifi. This should get you a real-time view page and confirm a local caching issue on the original machine.