O que é um Leilão de Domínios Expirados?

When a domain is not renewed by the registrant, it is auctioned off. The highest bidder for the domain may then receive the domain in their Dynadot account.

Auctions last for 7 days, and you can bid anytime during that period. If a bid is received in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the end time will be extended by 5 minutes. This can happen up to 20 times before the auction's "end time" is set.

You may also place a proxy bid for higher than the current minimum bid. If someone else places a bid, the system will automatically bid for you until your max proxy bid amount is reached.

Se tiver dado o lance mais alto quando o leilão terminar, você terá 2 dias para pagar pelo leilão. Depois de efetuar o pagamento, o domínio será movido para a sua conta Dynadot em cerca de 4 dias, desde que não seja renovado pelo Registrante original.

To bid on an auction, first create a Dynadot account if you haven't already. We require at least $5 account spending before you can participate in our expired domain auctions. You can prepay $5 into your account and use the account credit to pay for your first won auction or other purchase with us.

Obs: um Leilão de Expirados pode ser cancelado se o registante original renovar o domínio.