How do I know how much I need to prepay to reach the next pricing level?

Dynadot has three different pricing levels: Regular, Bulk, and Super Bulk. Each pricing level is based on your annual spending with us. Both Bulk and Super Bulk pricing offer customers discounted pricing and other benefits.

The easiest way to get to a certain pricing level and immediately reap the benefits is by prepaying into your account. To get to Bulk Pricing, you need to have $500 in annual spending and Super Bulk Pricing requires $5,000 in annual spending.

You can see what your annual spending amount is by logging in to your Dynadot account and look at the "Spending in the last year" section directly from the summary page. Then, you can prepay the amount you need to reach either $500/year or $5,000/year. Once your prepay order is complete, you will see your "Price Level" updated under that same "Info" section and you will immediately have access to the discounted pricing and other benefits of that pricing level.