How do I pay in Euros (EUR)?

To pay in Euros, select "Euros EUR (€)" from the drop-down at the top right of our website (you will see other currency options there as well). This will change all of our pricing into Euros.

To complete your payment in Euros, you will need to use PayPal or Skrill (Moneybookers). After you add your item to the cart, you can select either of those as your payment method. After you hit "Submit Order" on the payment page, we will provide you with a link to PayPal or Skrill to complete your payment. Please note that if you do not complete your payment, your status will remain in "Waiting for Payment" and your order will not be able to complete.

If you are planning to use Euros as your preferred payment method (especially if you are going to use it for your account credit to cover any automatic payments), you will need to set Euros as your preferred currency in your Dynadot account.

Dynadots home page currency selector toggled to Euro