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    • It's my account! Why do you need me to send in identification?

      We take your account security very seriously and have invested a great amount of resources and effort into making sure our system is safe and secure for our users by using state-of-the-art technology. If a hacker were to gain access to your email account, it would not take much work for them to submit password lookups for any other account that is associated with your email address. Something as simple as a password lookup has resulted in domains being stolen from their owners or having their website traffic hijacked. 幸运的是,Dynadot已经增加了若干层安全防护,以防止黑客窃取您宝贵的域名。这些防护包括您的“生日”、密保问题及答案、谷歌身份验证器以及短信安全防护。 When we may ask you to send photo identification to confirm who you are: You have forgotten your "Birthday" You have forgotten or have entered in an incorrect secret answer You have lost your cellphone or need to reset your Google Authenticator or SMS settings

    • Do you have any special packages available for non-profit charities?


    • Do you have reseller accounts available for your services?

      No, we do not offer reseller accounts with our services. A reseller is a company or person that buys domains from a domain registrar or another domain reseller on behalf of their customers. Often with resellers, the domain you purchase is not owned by you, but is instead owned by the reseller, which is something to be aware of. Dynadot itself is an ICANN accredited domain registrar, which means we have direct connections to the central registries of the top-level domain extensions (TLDs) we sell. This also means that you are always the owner of any domain registered with us, even if you use our domain privacy service. Not sure if you own your domain? You can do a Whois lookup to find out.

    • 贵站有什么样的垃圾邮件政策呢?

      Dynadot does not allow its services to be used for the transmission of spam. If we receive any complaints about your domain being used to send spam, we will promptly start an investigation. First, you will receive an email warning from us notifying you that we have received a spam complaint for your domain(s), and asking you to stop sending spam. If you choose to ignore our warning and continue to send spam, we will deactivate your domain or disable your entire Dynadot account (depending on the severity of the situation). You will no longer be able to control the name servers for your domain(s), and instead a Dynadot "domain cancelled for spam abuse" page will appear in its place. You will not receive a refund or an account credit. To report a domain that has sent spam, please submit a spam complaint.

    • Are there any limitations to your web hosting plans?

      我们目前提供两种Web主机;由于需求不同,每一种都有自身的优缺点;以下是我站Web主机包的一些局限。 我站的邮箱主机可供无限数量的邮箱账户和一个网站使用;不过: 邮箱主机仅可用于简易、静态的HTML网站。 PHP and MySQL databases are not supported. You cannot upload and run scripts, and there is no cgi-bin with existing scrips like formmail. There is no shell access to your account (e.g. using SSH or telnet). Spam websites, adult content, or illegal content are not allowed. 我站的VPS主机可为您免费提供专属服务器;不过: VPS Hosting is for more advanced users who have some technical skills and experience with building a website. 这是未管理服务,即用户需要自行管理软件安装并自行排除相关故障。 Spam websites, adult content, or illegal content are not allowed. Not sure if web hosting is right for you? Check out our easy-to-use, intuitive Website Builder that requires no coding! Try it for free or upgrade to get more tools including email!

    • My payment has been made, why am I being asked to verify my order?

      We realize that we take a stricter approach to fraud prevention than most other registrars. With "card not present" orders (or orders placed online), the onus is on the merchant, and we are responsible for all fees associated with the chargebacks and reversals we receive. Aside from these unwanted and costly charges, we are disheartened when we discover a stolen credit card or hacked PayPal account has been used to fund orders made with us and, thus, do our best to avoid such occurrences. Because of this, we have developed a sophisticated fraud filter that selects which orders require verification. If you receive one such request, please do not take it personally as there are many factors at play and the request is by no means an accusation. "I paid with my verified PayPal account, do I still have to do this?" Yes, we do receive reversals from even verified PayPal accounts. "How many times will I be asked to verify?" Once you verify an order, a note will be made in your account. In most cases, you will not be asked to verify again.

    • One of your customers is violating my copyright. Will Dynadot help me?

      Dynadot respects the intellectual property rights of others and is committed to protecting such rights where they exist. If you believe your copyright or other intellectual property right is being violated by one of our customers, please submit a Copyright Complaint. Be sure to forward us any evidence or proof of infringement so that we may better serve you. We will initiate an investigation and take action where we find conclusive proof of infringement. Please be aware that in some cases we may require you to provide us with a court order or administrative order before we are able to assist you. We reserve the right to take no action on copyright complaints without the backing of an order issued by a court of law or an administrative body. 您也可以直接联系域名或网站所有人,要求其停止侵权。您可以通过我站的Whois查询找到所有人是谁。如果所有人使用了我站的域名隐私服务,则您可使用所提供的联络人电话、电邮或邮寄地址进行联络,而我们将会把您的信息转发给他们。我们鼓励所有投诉人在向Dynadot提交正式版权投诉前,先使用这种方式。 Has someone claimed you're violating their copyright? Find out what you can do to defend yourself.

    • Someone stole my Dynadot account! How can I get it back?

      If this is the first time this has happened to you, we will make a one-time exception and help you get your Dynadot account back once you have proven that you are indeed the true account owner. In regards to any subsequent account break-ins, we cannot help you get your account back since you and you alone are responsible for the security of the account. Dynadot has invested a good amount of effort into maintaining the security of our system. It is the sole responsibility of the creator of the account to keep the account safe and secure. This is clearly stated in our Service Agreement under Part 1, Section 6, Account Security. We urge you to choose a password with a healthy mixture of numbers and letters and change it often to keep your account safe to avoid any account break-ins.

    • Dynadot有域名明细(domain portfolio)吗?

      No, Dynadot does not and has never kept a domain portfolio. In addition to, we also own additional domains that make sense for us to own as a business. This includes misspellings of dynadot such as the common typo "" and dynadot itself on other top-level domain extensions such as and Most of these domains are simply being forwarded back to our main website. One fun domain that we own is our custom short link, You'll see this used to link back to our website on our social media pages including Facebook and Twitter. You may notice Dynadot's contact information show up in the Whois of many domains. This is because the domain is registered with us and the owner has chose to use our domain privacy service, which replaces their contact information with ours. If you are interested in getting in touch with the owner of that domain, you can send your message to and we will forward it to the owner for you.

    • 什么是“反验证(Counter-Verification)”?

      “反验证”是指您提交给我们的一份签署并认证过的文件,以对向您发起版权投诉的第三方进行抗辩。反验证的提交即表明,您保证所提供的反驳针对您域名侵犯版权之主张的任何事实或证据没有触犯伪证罪。 反验证必须包括下列内容: 您的全名(姓、中间名、名) 您的地址(实际地址,而非邮政邮箱或邮政服务地址) 您的电话号码,如不在美国则需包括国家代码 您的传真号码,如果有(可选项) 您的电子邮箱地址 提交反驳侵犯版权主张的文档、证据或解释说明 关于您有充分理由相信被投诉材料是经过版权所有人(即投诉人)授权的,或是经过法律许可的,抑或投诉人并没有具备法律效力的版权主张的声明 确保不触犯伪证罪的前提下,关于您提交的有关侵权材料和版权的信息均为正确的声明。 您的签名(可以使用电子签名) 我们来用几个例子解释一下,为了支持您的反验证,我们可以接受哪些类型的证据。例如,我们可以接受投诉人曾经给您的,明确许可您再出版或转售其材料的证据。此外,我们也可以接受受美国法律或伯尔尼国际公约认可的法令、法律或规定的鉴定或副本,以证明您使用该材料是受法律许可的。另外,您也可以提供有关投诉人并不拥有具备法律效力的版权的文档或证明。 如果对您发起的版权投诉多于一项,我们将要求您对每一项投诉单独提交反验证。 我们必须在向您发送的通知和邮件中规定的时间前收到反验证材料。如果我们没有及时收到您的文件,则您需要承担服务终止的风险。 您可以通过传真、电子邮件或邮寄向我们提交反验证,具体信息如下: 传真: +1 (415) 869-2893 电子邮件: 邮寄地址: P.O. Box 345, San Mateo, CA 94401 一旦收到您的反验证材料,我们会依照上述标准评估其完整性及准确性。如果我们认为反验证有效,则可能重建您的服务(如已经关闭),以及/或者要求投诉人寻求法院或行政命令,以关闭您的服务。