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  • How do I set up my Stripe account?

    Stripe is the payment processor that we use with our Website Builder shopping cart. In order to accept payments through our shopping cart, you will need to set up a Stripe account on their website. After you create your account on Stripe's website, you will need to confirm your email address and then activate your account. To do this, you will need to fill out the following information: Country you're located Business description Business type Tax ID Business address Business website Your legal name Your date of birth Your social security number (for US, it will vary by country) Business name and phone number to show on customer's credit card statement Your bank details including account number and routing number Once you have activated your Stripe account, you need to connect it your Website Builder shopping cart from within our editor. Follow these instructions: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 在主菜单中选择“建站工具”。 点击要使用的网站建立器旁的“编辑”链接。 Click on the "Shopping Cart" tab on the left hand tool bar. Select the "Payments" tab and click "Connect Stripe". You will be taken to Stripe's website where you can log in if you haven't already. If you have already activated your account, you should only need to authorize the connection. Otherwise fill out the additional information needed. Once you click authorize access, Stripe may have to review your information. Once the connection has been fully authorized, you should see that "you already connected a Stripe account" within the "Payments" tab. You have now set up your Stripe account for payments. Do I have to set up a Stripe account to accept payments through your Website Builder's shopping cart?

  • How do I add the video background feature to my Website Builder?

    The video feature allows you to put a video as your header. The header is most likely the first thing your viewers will see, so it's a great place to feature an eye catching video. This great feature will allow you to promote specific things in your video. To get access to this new feature, you must have either a Pro or Business plan. How to add the video header background feature: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 在主菜单中选择“建站工具”。 点击要使用的网站建立器旁的“编辑”链接。 At the top of your page, you will find the header section. If you hover your mouse over it, you will see two options that pop up: header design & header size. Click on the "Header Design" button, then click on "Background". Here you will see three options that you can choose from: image, carousel & video. Click the "Video" button and paste your video link from any video hosting site. Click "Save" as well as the "Save" button on the top of the page. You should now see the video in your header. To see this live on your website, hit "Publish". How do I add the carousel background feature to my Website Builder?

  • 我可以使用哪些基本的HTML标记来建设我的网站?

    以下为一些基本的HTML标记: <p></p> – paragraph. <h1></h1> to <h6></h6> – heading. <br> – line break. Doesn't require content or a closing tag. <b></b> – bold <i></i> – italic <u></u> – underlined <a></a> – A link. The href attribute should be used to indicate the link's destination. Example: <a href="">Link to Dynadot</a> Please note the following: – Don't forget to include a closing tag (e.g. <b>bold</b>) – It is recommended to always use lowercase letters in tags. For more information regarding HTML, check out the HTML section of our blog where we have a few posts that can help get you started! Don't want to have to learn and use HTML or other code to create your website? We have the solution! Check out our easy-to-use, no coding-required, Website Builder! You can even try it for free!

  • 你们提供哪里网站建立器计划及其价格如何?

    我们提供三种网站建立器计划:基础(免费)、专业($5/月)和商务($15/月)。以下是各个套餐详情: *请注意:免费域名仅包含于建站帮手年度套餐内。

  • 如何在网站建立器商业计划中创建电子邮件地址?

    我们的建站帮手商务套餐配有内置的电子邮箱!您可以创建两种邮箱地址:个人邮箱和共享邮箱。共享邮箱可允许多人访问同一个邮箱收件箱。这项功能非常适合企业使用,例如,每一位Dynadot团队成员都有一个个人邮箱,同时也可以进入info@dynadot.com这样的共享邮箱。 要在您的建站帮手中创建一个个人邮箱地址,请按以下步骤操作来添加新用户: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 在主菜单中选择“建站工具”。 点击要使用的网站建立器旁的“编辑”链接。 点击左边工具栏上的“设置”图标(看上去像一个齿轮)。 选择“电子邮件”选项卡。 点击页面右上方的“添加用户”图标(看起来像一个人,头是Dynadot标志,旁边有一个加号)。 输入用户的姓名、邮箱地址(只需输入“”之前的内容即可)、密码,并勾选是否希望该邮箱地址捕获全部邮件的复选框。您也可以为其上传Avatar图像(png、jpg、jpeg、gif,最大2M)。 点击“创建新用户”以保存您的新用户及其个人邮箱地址。 要在建站帮手中创建共享电子邮箱地址,请遵循以下步骤添加共享邮箱: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 在主菜单中选择“建站工具”。 点击要使用的网站建立器旁的“编辑”链接。 点击左边工具栏上的“设置”图标(看上去像一个齿轮)。 选择“电子邮件”选项卡。 点击位于页面右上角的“添加分享邮箱(Mailbox)”图标(看起来像一个旁边有加号的字母)。 输入邮箱(mailbox)名称、电子邮箱地址(您只需要输入“”之前的部分即可)、密码,如果需要该邮箱地址进行“抓取全部邮件”操作,也请选中该项。 点击“创建”以保存您的新邮箱地址。 敬请了解如何让用户进入共享邮箱地址或如何登录您的建站帮手邮箱。

  • How do I add different options or variants of the same product to my Website Builder shopping cart?

    Our Website Builder shopping cart makes it easy to sell different forms of the same product. For example, you can add different sizes and colors for a t-shirt. You can add this to your product from within our shopping cart editor in our variants section. To add options and variants to your product: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 在主菜单中选择“建站工具”。 点击要使用的网站建立器旁的“编辑”链接。 Click on the "Shopping Cart" (the one that looks like a cart) on the left-hand tool bar. Select the "Inventory" tab and select the product you want to add a variant to or click on "Add Product" to add a new product. Under the variants section, you will see two options: Add Option and Add Variant. Before you can add a variant of your product, you must first add an option. In the example above, you would need to add color as your option. Click the "Add Option" button and enter the option you want to add and the default value. Once you click save, the option you added will show along the top row along with the product's SKU, Price, Stock, Weight, Dimensions, and whether it's hidden or visible. Once you've added your product options, click on "Add Variant". This will create another product row where you can adjust the options available. For example, the top row can represent a red t-shirt and the next row down can represent a white t-shirt. To adjust the options for your variant, click on the Edit button or to delete it, click the trash button. Click the "Save" button on the top left on the screen to finalize your changes. To view your options on the product page: From within your Website Builder editor, go to your product page. Hover over your product and click "Open Product". You should now see your options on this page in a drop down menu. What is the difference between a variant and an option in our Website Builder shopping cart editor?

  • How do I choose what page a product will show on from within your Website Builder shopping cart system?

    Since our Website Builder shopping cart is available with our Business plan, you have access to umlimited pages on which to feature your products. To select which page to show each product, please follow these steps: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 在主菜单中选择“建站工具”。 点击要使用的网站建立器旁的“编辑”链接。 Click the "shopping cart" tab (it is shaped like a cart) and click the inventory tab. Click on the product that you want to place. Once you are inside your product editor, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see a "Manage" section. Here, you will see two areas you can change. The "Collections Page" and "Product URL". The "Collections Page" is where you can choose which product page you want this product to be on. (If you only have one product page, it will just have the name of your product page and none as options. If it is set to none, you will not be able to see the product on your website.) Each product is also given its own product page under the "Collections Page" it is listed on. "Product URL" is where you can set a custom URL for your product. Once you have made your changes, be sure to click "Save" at the top of the page. Please note that you can only show products on a "product" page. How do I add products to my inventory?

  • 我该如何在贵站的建站帮手邮箱平台上变更邮箱收件箱文件夹的名称呢?

    我站的建站帮手商务套餐内嵌有邮箱哦!您的电邮可便捷的用文件夹归纳。默认文件夹名为“folder_0”,要变更电邮文件夹的名称,请按以下步骤操作: 登录进入您的网站建立器电子邮箱。 点击位于页面右上角的“设置”图标(看起来像一只齿轮)。 向下滚动至“文件夹”区域。 您将看到8个可以使用和重命名的文件夹。 以您想用的文件夹名称替换“folder_0”。 如果您不需要所有8个文件夹,可直接移除默认名,不填写任何名称,以将其从左侧栏中移除。 点击“文件夹”底部的“保存”以保存您的更改。 我该如何在自己的建站帮手商务套餐中创建邮箱地址呢?

  • 如何能向我的建站帮手中添加一篇新博文?

    我站建站帮手让创建博客易如反掌!我们所有的模板开始时都有已经为您设置就绪的“博客”页面(如果您没有这个页面,请查看如何添加博客页面)。要在博客中添加新博文,请按以下步骤操作: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 点击主菜单上的“建站帮手”标签。 点击您要使用的建站帮手旁的“编辑”链接。 在导航栏中点击您的博客页面。 点击顶部的“添加帖子”。 您可在此添加标题和内容,也可设置帖子是可见还是隐藏以及发布的日期和时间。 您写完帖子以后,可以在顶部选择“存草稿”或“发布”。 如果您不希望发布或保留您的发文,您也可以“删除”您的发文或只需点击“返回”并放弃已作出的任何更改。 要将设置开启或关闭评论、类别、标签、作者名称及图像,请点击顶部的“帖子选项”(它会提示您保存变更)。您也可以于在博客上发帖后,通过将光标悬停在标题上并点击“帖子选项”进行设置。 请注意,您只可以使用我们的免费版本发表最多6个博客发文。升级即可获得更多博客发文、页面和工具。 了解关于我们网站建立器博客的更多信息。

  • 我该如何在自己的建站帮手中添加一个地图呢?

    要把Google地图添加至您的网站建立器,请按照以下步骤操作: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 在主菜单中选择“建站工具”。 点击要使用的网站建立器旁的“编辑”链接。 点击工具栏左手边的“添加”图标。 点击并拖动“地图”图标至页面上您想要的位置。 要添加地址,把鼠标移动至地图并点击右上方的“设置”图标。您将看到可输入地址和调整地图高度与缩放的选项。 您的变更会自动保存,可直接点击框外区域,地图会进行相应更新。 您必须点击网站上方的“保存”按钮以完全保存您的更改。 要移动地图,鼠标指向对话框,并使用右上角的“移动”图标,以将其拖拽至新位置。 要移除您的地图,把鼠标移动至复选框并使用出现在右上角的“垃圾”图标。 向添加其他内容至网站建立器?了解如何添加联系表格和搜索栏。