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  • 账户是我的!为什么你们需要我发送身份证明?

    我们接收您的账户安全非常认真并投入了大量资源和努力,确保我们的系统安全可靠,采用了最先进的技术。如果黑客能够访问您的电子邮件账户,他们不需要太多的工作就能为与您的电子邮件地址相关的任何其他账户提交密码查找请求。仅仅是一个密码查找就可能导致域名从其所有者那里被盗或者遭到被网站流量劫持。幸运的是,Dynadot 加入了多层安全防护措施,以防止黑客窃取您的宝贵域名。这包括您的安全密码,密保问题和答案,Google Authenticator,短信安全 和 安全密钥。当我们可能要求您发送身份证明照片以确认您的身份时: 你有忘记了您的安全密码。 您已经忘记或输入了错误的密保答案 你有丢失了你的手机或者需要重置你的Google身份验证器、短信设置或安全密钥。

  • Why is Dynadot asking me to send in identification?

    To minimize fraud, we sometimes ask our customers to provide additional verification. However rest assured Dynadot takes your security and your documents’ security very seriously. Please see below to review our efforts: PCI level 1 compliance: We adhere to the best practices and standards defined and outlined by the PCI Security Standards Council. This level of comprehensive security has been outlined by American Express, Discover, JCB International, MasterCard, Visa Inc, and others through the PCI security counsel. Limit access: The documents you submit are not exposed to all employees at Dynadot. Rather, only those whom need to see the documents have 2FA access. Responsible retention and deletion: Your data is never sold, leased, saved elsewhere for any reason. We also automate our deletion process, so your documents are not stored indefinitely or for longer than needed. GDPR: Dynadot adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines set forth by the European Union.

  • Dynadot Will Never Request Your Username and Password via Email

    At Dynadot, we emphasize the importance of account security and raise awareness about a common email technique employed by fraudsters. As with other companies, scammers attempt to obtain sensitive information by impersonating Dynadot and sending phishing emails requesting your username and password. We want to re-assure you of Dynadot's commitment to your account. We will NEVER send an email asking for your Dynadot username and password information. Safeguarding your account and personal data is our utmost priority. Here are some friendly reminders: Dynadot will never ask for your username and password via email: This information, your username and password, are confidential and should never be shared with anyone under any circumstances. Be cautious of email requests: Exercise caution when you receive an email claiming to be from Dynadot that asks for your full login details. These emails are fraudulent attempts to deceive you. Legitimate communication from Dynadot will always direct you to log in directly through our secure website. Check email sender details: Always verify the sender's email address. Scammers often employ deceptive tactics to make their emails appear genuine. Official emails from Dynadot will always come from a "@dynadot.com" domain. Only use secure login methods: To ensure the security of your account, always log in to your Dynadot account directly through our official website (https://www.dynadot.com) or our official mobile app. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or accessing your account through unfamiliar sources. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA): Dynadot has several 2FA options. We strongly recommend enabling 2FA on your Dynadot account for an added layer of security. Report suspicious emails: If you receive an email that appears to be a scam or impersonation attempt, please promptly forward it to our support team for further investigation. Your vigilance and assistance in identifying potential scams are greatly appreciated. At Dynadot, we continuously enhance our security measures to protect your information and maintain the integrity of your account. Your trust is of utmost importance to us, and we remain dedicated to ensuring your online safety.


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