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  • How do I set up my Email plan to work with my Gmail account?

    To set up your Email to work with Gmail, please follow these steps: Log into your Gmail account. Click the gear icon on the top-right side of the page. Select “See all settings" from the drop-down menu. Click on the "Accounts and Imports" tab. Under the "Check mail from other accounts:" section, click the "Add a mail account" button. When the box pops up, enter your email address and click the "Next" button. Confirm that Gmailify is not available for this provider and press the “Next” button.Google will now ask for a username/password and POP settings. You can retrieve this information under your POP3/SMTP settings in your Email Hosting web space. IMPORTANT: Your username is ALWAYS the Full email address. Enter webhost.dynadot.com as the POP server. Change the port to 995. Check the "Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail” option, and then click the "Add Account" button, and you will then be able to receive emails through Gmail. Gmail will then ask if you would like to send from this address as well. Select “Yes” and press the “Next” button. You will see another confirmation screen. Skip to the next step by pressing the “Next Step” button. The SMTP server should read webhost.dynadot.com.The SMTP server port should be 587. The "Secured connection using TLS" option should be selected by default. If not, please choose that option. Click on the "Add Account" button to save your changes. Next, gmail will ask you to verify the new address using a confirmation code or link. Once verified, you will be able to access your Dynadot email through your existing gmail account! NOTE: Gmail does not support IMAP. Want to set up your Email plan on another platform? Check out these additional instructions: iPhone iPad Mac Mail Microsoft Outlook Thunderbird

  • 什么是网站托管?

    网络主机——或网站主机——是能够让个人或机构将其网站显示在万维网上的一种服务。网站主机服务通常提供可以购买或租赁的用于保存您的网站的服务器空间。这类服务有多种选择,从提供共享服务器上的空间的共享主机,到专用主机等。 Dynadot offers one option for web hosting: 网站建立器内置托管主机,为客户提供了一种通过拖拉操作即可建立漂亮网站的简单方法。

  • What are the POP3, SMTP, and/or IMAP settings for my domain email in your Email plan?

    To access your POP3, SMTP, or IMAP settings, please follow these steps: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 Select "My Emails" from the left-side menu bar. Select "Sign In". A new page should load in a new browser window. Choose the email account you want under the Mailboxes section, located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on the Gear icon (General Settings) at the top of the left-side menu bar. 点击页面左下角的“设置”链接。 Look for the "Remote Access" box. To enable POP or IMAP access, toggle "Remote Access Enabled" on. 点击"保存"按钮保存。 Now this email account can be accessed by POP, SMTP, or IMAP. Use the settings in the "Remote Access" box to configure your email client software.

  • Do you have a website builder that comes with each domain?

    As a matter of fact, we do. We offer a free and easy-to-use Website Builder with every Dynadot domain. We offer six templates to choose from that are completely customizable. Our Website Builder is mobile optimized, includes SEO, blog, coding tools, and, with our business plan, custom email. 注意:您不需要通过网站建立器购买额外的网站主机。

  • 如何更改和电子邮件计划关联的域名?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to change the domain associated with your Email plan. Your email is linked to your domain.

  • 为什么我的免费主机网站上有广告出现呢?

    如果您通过您的名字服务器设置使用我们提供的单一页面免费托管,那么您将在您的网站上看到广告(这对某些账户不再可用)。 但是,我们现在提供网站建立器,该工具为您提供了不含广告的免费页面!除了不含广告的免费页面之外,还将提供八个完全自定义网站模板和易于使用的工具。免费版的网站建立器将在页脚位置显示“Powered by Dynadot”;但这不属于广告内容。

  • Do you place advertisements on websites using your Email or Website Builder plans?

    No, we do not place any ads or banners on websites that use either our Email Hosting plans. We also do not place any ads on any of our Website Builder plans, including our free plan. 如果您通过我站的名称服务器设置(在某些账户中可能不再可用)使用我们免费的单页托管,则我们确实会在您的网站上投放广告。

  • 什么是Dynadot名称服务器?

    我们的名字服务器是: Email Plan: ns1.dynadot.com ns2.dynadot.com 了解如何在您的Dynadot账户中设置名字服务器。了解如何设定名字服务器——又称为粘附记录。

  • 我是否可以在Web主机上安装自己的SSL证书呢?

    这取决于您购买了我们的哪一个托管计划。我们提供电子邮件- 以及我们的网站建立器(其中包括托管服务)。 We can install a free SSL certificate on your Email website if your domain is registered with us and connected to your hosting plan using our DNS via an 'A' record. Please contact our customer support team for help setting that up. 请注意,我们的网站建立器对其电子商务购物车设有内置的SSL证书,这将通过我们的商业套餐提供。

  • 如何访问电子邮件计划?

    NOTE: We no longer support the "hosting" services in our Email plan (formerly called Email Hosting), including FTP. New purchases of our Email service will only have access to an email control panel to manage emails. To access your Email plan, please follow these steps: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 Select "My Emails" from the left-side menu bar. Click on the "Sign in" link. 您的邮箱主机将加载至您浏览器的新窗口中。


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