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  • 我该如何在CentOS VPS主机上安装LAMP软件捆绑(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)呢?

    通过SSH登录VPS主机后,输入以下命令安装LAMP: 安装Apache yum install httpd chkconfig httpd on service httpd start 安装MySQL数据库服务器 在安装mysql的最后一个步骤中,会要求您设置一个MySQL的root密码;还会要求您移除匿名用户、禁用远程root登录并回答一些其他的问题。请一路选择“是”至最后一个问题,安装即可完成。 yum install mysql-server mysql php-mysql php -y service mysqld start chkconfig --levels 235 mysqld on /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation LAMP安装已完成;访问您的默认页面: http://[IP Address]或者http://[domain name]

  • 我可以使用哪些基本的HTML标记来建设我的网站?

    以下为一些基本的HTML标记: <p></p> – paragraph. <h1></h1> to <h6></h6> – heading. <br> – line break. Doesn't require content or a closing tag. <b></b> – bold <i></i> – italic <u></u> – underlined <a></a> – A link. The href attribute should be used to indicate the link's destination. Example: <a href="">Link to Dynadot</a> Please note the following: – Don't forget to include a closing tag (e.g. <b>bold</b>) – It is recommended to always use lowercase letters in tags. For more information regarding HTML, check out the HTML section of our blog where we have a few posts that can help get you started! Don't want to have to learn and use HTML or other code to create your website? We have the solution! Check out our easy-to-use, no coding-required, Website Builder! You can even try it for free!

  • How do I add Sentastico to my VPS with Sentora?

    The Sentastico module can be installed in your VPS Hosting with three easy SSH commands. To begin, login as root and enter the following command: zppy repo add Next, you want to update by entering: zppy update Lastly, enter: zppy install sentastico You should see "Module installed successfully!" Go to your Sentora control panel. Select "Module Admin" from the "Server Admin" section. Enable Sentastico for Admin, Users, or both, and save your changes. You will now see the Sentastico Icon in the "Advanced" section of your control panel. Click there and it opens on the "Admin" tab. You can add the packages you want here, including WordPress.

  • 如何订购高级网站主机?

    您也许已经在我站的某些位置注意到了高级主机的相关信息;截止2014年,我站已经不再提供高级Web主机产品。 如果您已经在位自己的网站使用我站的高级主机了,则您的网站不会收到影响。我们只是不再提供新的高级主机套餐了。 我们仍然提供邮箱主机(此前成为基本主机),主要针对简单、静态的HTML网站(不支持cPanel)及VPS主机,以此为用户提供无成本的专属服务器。您可以向VPS主机添加cPanel和WordPress,但该操作仅适合进阶用户。 此外,我站提供简单易用的建站帮手。而且我们的建站帮手上手使用是免费的哦!基础版提供五个页面和留个定制化模板供您选择,还有您创建精美网站需要的各种工具。您也可以选择升级,以获得更多功能,而且每升一级都附赠一个域名!

  • What is web hosting?

    Web hosting - or website hosting - is a service that allows individuals or organizations to make their website available on the World Wide Web. Web Hosting services typically offer server space that can be purchased or rented to host your website. There is a range of options from shared hosting, which offers space on a shared server, to hosting on dedicated servers. Dynadot offers three options for web hosting: Website Builder with built-in hosting, which offers customers a simple way to drag and drop their way to a beautiful website. VPS Hosting, which offers customers full access to part of a server (mimics a dedicated server, but at a lower cost). Email Hosting, which offers customers unlimited email and a great platform to built a simple, static website.

  • 我可以使用你们的邮箱主机为我的域名设定多少个电子邮箱?

    我们叫它“电邮主机”是有原因的!您可以为自己的域名设置无限数量的电子邮箱。 敬请了解如何使用邮箱主机设置电邮。您也可以访问我站帮助文件中的邮箱主机常见问题了解这款超赞的产品,包括如何用它创建网站,如何使用众多不同平台,如Gmail、Mac Mail、您的iPad和iPhone等,设置邮箱主机电邮。

  • 如何重置我的VPS?

    如果您安装的某些内容不正确,或您的VPS主机中的系统文件崩溃,则可首先使用备份(VPS主机含有每日备份)修复重建(restore)VPS。如果备份文件也崩溃了,或者如果您的VPS需要修复的内容过多,最简单的方法就是将其重构(rebuild)。要重构(rebuild)您的VPS,请按以下步骤操作: 登录您的Dynadot账户。 解锁账户以使用VPS的重建(rebuild)功能。 选择主菜单中的“托管主机”选项卡。 点击您的VPS主机名称(应该是一个蓝色链接)。 您需要先进行解锁账户操作。 在“VPS控制”区域下,您需要通过点击“常规关闭”或“强制关闭”按钮关闭您的VPS。请等待VPS完全关闭。 从下拉菜单中选择控制面板模板。 点击“重建(rebuild)”按钮。 注意:重建过程需要15分钟才能完成。完成后,您的VPS将可以再次使用。

  • 我该如何使用Dynadot的VPS、同时配合Sentora选项来设置域名呢?

    Setting up your domain with Dynadot's VPS with Sentora is easy. To begin, you will want to have both your Dynadot account and your Sentora control panel open, and you will want to be logged in to both. Begin in the Sentora control panel. Follow these steps: Click on the "Domains" icon in the "Domain Management" section. Type your domain name into the "Domain name" field. The "Create a new home directory" option will already be selected for you. Press the "Create" button. The status will show as "pending" while your domain is being added. Return to the "Home" menu. Next, we want to create DNS records for this domain. In the "Domain Management" section, click on the "DNS Manager" icon and select your domain name from the drop-down menu. Press the "Edit" button. Sentora will create the standard default records. Press the "Create Records" button. On the "A" records page, you will see that custom name servers have been created, "ns1" and "ns2", along with the "mail" subdomain. If you select "MX" you will see that that record has been created for you as well. Use the available tabs to add any additional DNS records you may need. Let's go to our Dynadot account now. From the "Domains" menu at the top, select "Name Servers." Click on the "Register a domain name server" link. In the "Host Name" field, enter ns1.domain.extension. Move down to the "IP Address" field and enter your VPS IP address there. Press the "Submit" button. You will now see the name server on your list. Do the same for ns2.domain.extension. Lastly, we will want to connect our domain to the name servers we've created. In your Dynadot account: 从"域名"下拉菜单中选取"域名管理"项目。 Click the link in the "Name Server" column for your domain. 点击"服务器"选项卡。 Scroll down the new page and select your custom name servers from the drop-down menus. Press the "Select Name Servers" button at the bottom of the column. So that's all there is to it. Once everything has propagated, you will have successfully connected your domain to your Dynadot VPS with Sentora hosting.

  • 我该如何变更VPS主机防火墙状态呢?

    VPS OS防火墙默认为“开启”,并会阻拦除SSH外的其他服务。输入以下命令以关闭iptables防火墙,或变更iptables防火墙至其他状态。最好保持防火墙的开启状态,并添加具体规则以允许特定服务。 关闭Iptables防火墙: service iptables stop 开启Iptables防火墙: service iptables start 关机时关闭Iptables防火墙: chkconfig iptables off 开机时开启Iptables防火墙: chkconfig iptables on

  • 我该如何在自己的Ubuntu VPS主机中重启MySQL呢?

    要在您的UbuntuVPS主机中重启MySQL,登录根权限(root),并输入以下命令: sudo服务 mysql重启