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  • Who is Afternic?

    Afternic is the one of the world’s largest domain marketplace, providing domain owners a global distribution platform to buy, park, and sell domain names. Afternic’s marketplace reaches over 75 million searches by prospective buyers each month. Afternic’s domain services team has 100+ years collective industry experience and delivers industry-high average domain sale prices for sellers, and offers the lowest commission in the industry. Their monetization platforms enable sellers to earn revenue while their domains are listed for sale. Dynadot has chosen to partner with Afternic to provide you with a larger platform. What is Afternic's List for Sale (LFS)?List for Sale (LFS) is a way to put your domains to work and earn some money along the way. If you have domains in your account you aren't actively using, or don't plan to use at all, you can list them for sale. Afternic's List for Sale service puts your domain listing on Afternic and its partner sites for sale. What are all the commission/fees that I need to pay for selling my Domain?Afternic Commission Structure: Standard commission of 25% ($15 minimum) on sales.Note: This is not the same as "How do I set up Afternic?". LFS is done through Afternic and that is where they will be prompted to enter their payee info and find relevant information regarding their domain sale. For more information, please visit https://afternic.com/.

  • 如何从Dynadot账户中为我的域名移除SedoMLS?

    Sedo 是我们的其中之一域名市场合作伙伴。要从域名中删除SedoMLS,请按照以下步骤操作: 登录你的Dynadot账户。 从左侧菜单栏选择“我的域名”,点击下拉菜单中的“管理域名”。 勾选要从SedoMLS中移除的域名并点击'操作'按钮。 从"操作"列表中选择"Set SedoMLS"。 从下拉菜单中选择 "移除SedoMLS"。 点击“保存设置”按钮。 想要将SedoMLS添加到您的域名中吗?学习如何

  • 如何设置Afternic?

    Afternic 是我们的其中之一域名市场合作伙伴。如果您的域名尚未添加到Afternic,请按照以下步骤操作: 登录您的Afternic账户。 前往“出售域名”,然后“添加待售域名”。 在文本区域输入您的域名,并点击“继续至步骤2”。 为“促销级别”选择“DLS优质”。 为域名输入出售价格,并点击“继续至步骤3”。 点击“已完成”按钮。 注意您的域名在Afternic上可能需要几天才能生效。要在Dynadot这边进行确认,请按以下步骤操作: 登录到你的Dynadot账户。 从左侧菜单栏选择“我的域名”,点击下拉菜单中的“管理域名”。 选中要求确认的域名旁的复选框。 从“操作”下拉菜单中选择“设置 Afternic”选项。 从下拉列表中选择“确认Afternic”。 点击“保存设置”按钮。 注意你将会不能够列出与我们注册的域名,直到他们允许符合转移要求注册的域名或转移在过去的60天内将不符合资格。您也可能会注意到我们的选项已更新: 是 = 域名已启用Afternic 需要确认 = 此域名要求您使用上述步骤‘确认afternic’ 否 = 域名此时未启用Afternic 全部 = 这将提供一个Afternic支持的所有域名的清单 快速转移TLD = 所有TLD均符合快速转移资格

  • Who is Sedo?

    Sedo is one of the largest domain marketplaces in the world, creating an online space where users can buy or sell domain names. Sedo, which stands for ‘Search Engine for Domain Offers’, has had over 19 million domains listed on their platform and over 2 million customers, providing a popular marketplace for great domain acquisition and trading opportunities. The Sedo platform also includes many other services that can assist domain portfolio owners, such as appraisals and brokerage. Dynadot has partnered with Sedo to make listing your Dynadot domains on their marketplace seamless through SedoMLS. What is SedoMLS? SedoMLS (Sedo Multiple Listing Service) allows users with domains residing on registrars (like Dynadot) to list their domains for sale directly from the registrar’s website on the Sedo platform. So long as you have a Dynadot and Sedo account, you can utilize SedoMLS to list your domain on Sedo to present your domains on their platform/partner sites. Visit our help file to set up SedoMLS to start listing your domain names on the Sedo platform. What is the commission for selling my domain through SedoMLS? Domain names sold through the SedoMLS network have a 20% commission. For more information on Sedo, please visit: https://sedo.com/.

  • 如何设置SedoMLS?

    要设置Sedo,请按照以下步骤操作: 登录到你的Sedo账户 从“我的Sedo”下拉菜单中选择“我的域名”。 选中域名旁边的复选框。 点击“激活SedoMLS Premium”按钮,应出现一个新窗口。 在注册人列中选择“Dynadot”。 点击激活SedoMLS高级版保存更改的按钮。 要在Dynadot方面确认,请按以下步骤操作: 登录到你的Dynadot账户。 从左侧菜单栏选择“我的域名”,点击下拉菜单中的“管理域名”。 选中要求确认的域名旁的复选框。 从下拉菜单“操作”中选择“设置SedoMLS”选项 从下拉菜单选择“确认SedoMLS”。 点击保存设置确认SedoMLS按钮。 注意:你会不能够列出与我们注册的域名,直到它们符合转移的条件。在过去60天内注册或转移的域名不合格

  • How can I set up Afternic's Branded List For Sale (LFS)?

    Afternic is one of our domain marketplace partners. If your domain has not been added to Afternic LFS yet, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "My Domains" from the left-side menu bar and click "Manage Domains" in the drop-down. Check the box next to the domain name(s) you would like to set. From the "Action" drop-down menu, choose the "Sell on Afternic" option. You will need to either log into your Afternic account, create a new account or 'Connect with Afternic'. You then can then set your price and click 'save. NOTE: You will not be able to list domains registered with us until they qualify for transfer. Domains registered or transferred in the last 60 days will not qualify. You may also notice our options have been updated: Yes = The domain is enabled with Afternic Needs Confirm = This domain requires you 'confirm afternic' using the steps above No = The domain is not enabled with Afternic at this time All = This provides a list of all domains Afternic supports Fast Transfer TLD = all TLDs that are eligible for fast transfer


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