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Do you have a Refund Policy?

We certainly do! We believe in making your experience at Dynadot as delightful as possible. It's why we've created this user-friendly Refund Policy. It's aimed at explaining when you can request a refund for any products and services you've obtained from Dynadot.

Our Refund Policy covers all refund eligible Services, and we've made it as straightforward as possible. Additionally, there might be specific term(s) that apply to certain products and/or services, and we've outlined both general and specific details below for your convenience. Rest assured, we're here to assist you every step of the way!

General Details:

  • In no event is the same Service eligible for more than one refund.
  • Service(s) must be cancelled before we can issue a refund.
  • No refund will be made for domains involved in any abuse case / issue.
  • No refund will be made if your Service(s) are suspended or terminated for reasons stated in the Dynadot Terms of Use.
  • Unless you request otherwise, refunds will be credited to your Dynadot account balance.
  • All requests must be made within 60 days of purchase.
  • Dynadot is not responsible for any additional charges imposed by your payment processor in the case of refund.
  • We are unable to refund the following payment types: bank wire, money order/cashier's check, personal check, bank transfer (without additional information).

Additional refund requirements may apply based on specific terms and conditions notified to you when purchasing any Service(s).

Specific Details:

New Domain RegistrationsDomain Renewals
  • All domain renewal refunds will result in IMMEDIATE deletion of the domain (regardless if multiple years were purchased).
  • Refund request must made within less than 5 days of the order completion date.
  • Acknowledgement of the domain deletion is required before Dynadot can proceed.
Domain Transfers
  • If a domain transfer fails for any reason, we can give a refund. This also applies for failed .EU and .BE domain trades.
Expired Auction Orders
  • If an expired auction order is cancelled by Dynadot, we can provide a refund.
Email Hosting
  • A request can be made to cancel an Email Hosting Pro plan within the first 30 days of purchase.
  • Once the refund is processed, your email hosting will revert to our "Free" plan. Please note that only your primary email address will have send/receive capabilities. However, you'll still be able to access and view your previous inboxes and emails.
Website Builder
  • A request can be made to cancel a Web Builder Pro plan within the first 30 days of purchase.
Logo Builder
  • A request can be made to cancel a Logo Builder Pro plan within the first 30 days of purchase.
SSL Certificates
  • A refund can be issued within 7 days after the SSL certificate is issued.
Account Prepay
  • Prepay orders are non-refundable except for aftermarket programs.
  • Requests may be considered only if none of the credit has been spent.
Expired Closeout Orders
  • If an expired closeout order is cancelled by Dynadot, we can provide a refund.
Marketplace Domain Sales
  • Marketplace orders cannot be cancelled/reversed unless both parties (i.e. buyer and seller) agree.
User Auctions
  • ​​​​​​​An User Auction order cannot be reversed/cancelled since bids, including a winning bid, cannot be cancelled.
Backorders & Backorder Auctions
  • ​​​​​​​When a backordered domain is caught by us and paid by you (either because you were the only customer to have requested the domain or because you won it through backorder auction), the domain would be automatically added to your account. Domains added from backorders cannot be grace deleted.
Installment Payments
  • ​​​​​​​Instalment payments are non-refundable.

To proceed, please provide your order number(s) and order item(s) when contacting [email protected] or our live support team.

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