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Domain Transfer

Help your domains find a new home by transferring to Dynadot.
Why Transfer Your Domains to Dynadot

With your domain names under Dynadot, you'll have the tools, services, and support to make managing your portfolio a breeze - all while saving more.

Our domain transfer process is easy, and there are many advantages we have to offer as your registrar.

Domain Management

We provide extensive options to help you stay organized while registering, organizing, and setting up your domains.

Save More

Constant great sales and promotions result in some of the lowest domain prices found in the industry.

Transparent Pricing

On top of low prices, there are no hidden fees or upselling to be found when purchasing on the market.

24/7 Support

You're never far away from a helping hand. Our support team and help articles will assist with any questions.

Domain Aftermarket

Upgrade your portfolio with valuable domains, with many exciting ways to acquire them.

Powerful Tools

From a flexible website builder to an industry-known API, we have all your domain tools covered.

Our Easy Four Step Domain Transfer Process:

1. Unlock

Unlock your domain and copy the authentication code.

2. Provide Info

Enter the domain and the authentication code above to start your domain transfer.

3. Verify

Authorize the domain transfer via the email sent to your Whois email address.

4. Approve

Confirm the domain transfer with your previous registrar if they contact you.

Before Processing Your Domain Transfer...
To transfer a domain, please keep the following in mind:
  • The domain must not be: a recent registration or transfer (within 60 days), expired, or about to expire (we recommend initiating a transfer at least 2 weeks before a domain expires)

  • Ensure your Whois email address is current as that is the address we will use to authorize the transfer.

  • Each domain transfer extends your domain registration by one year.*

Detailed Domain Transfer Guide
Domain Transfer FAQ
Why should I transfer domains to Dynadot?
How long does it take to complete a domain transfer?
Will my website/email be affected during the domain transfer?
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I can't get my previous registrar to update my Whois email address. Can I still transfer my domain?
I can't get my domain transfer authorization code from my previous registrar. Can you still transfer my domain?
Can I transfer my domain if it is expired?
Do I get my money back if the domain transfer fails?
How do I move a domain between two Dynadot accounts?
How do I transfer in a .UK domain?

* Domain Transfer Exceptions

When you transfer a domain, 1 year is added to the expiration date in most cases except:

  • Your domain expired at your previous registrar, then you renewed it during the renewal grace period, and transferred it to us within 45 days of the renewal.

  • Adding a year to the domain will exceed the maximum registration period (usually 10 years, but it varies) for each domain.

  • When you are transferring a .BE, .EU, or .DE domain, one year is added to the transfer completion date, not the expiration date.

  • For .UK and .LT domains, you need to ask your current registrar to push the domain to us. There is no cost to do this and no time is added to the domain.

  • .NL domains retain their pre-transfer expiration date and then are automatically renewed for you closer to their expiration date. This is because the .NL registry only allows for 1 year of registration.

Please note that we do not currently accept .NGO domain transfers.

Dynadot Support

Have additional questions about the domain transfer process?

Check out the domain transfer section of our help files for more information or contact our support team and we'd be happy to assist!

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