1. 登录您的Dynadot账户。
  2. 从左侧菜单栏选择“我的域名”, 点击下拉菜单中的“管理域名”。
  3. 选中要关闭的域名旁的复选框。
  4. 选择“批量操作”下拉菜单中的“续期选项”。
  5. On the new page, set the drop-down menu to "manual renewal".
  6. 点击“保存设置”保存您的更改。

Once you have turned off auto-renew from your domain(s), you will need to manually submit renewals. Starting 60 days out, we will send you renewal reminder emails to your account email and, if it's set, your renewal email. If you no longer want to keep your domain, you can also set it to "do not renew," which will turn off our renewal notices for that domain.