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What do the statuses on my backorder requests page mean?

There are 5 statuses that you may come across from the backorder requests page of the user control panel. Here are what they mean.

ACTIVE: Domain names that you have placed backorder requests for. Status will change after the name has dropped.

SUCCESS: The domain was successfully secured on your behalf, either by you being the only person who placed the request or winning it at auction.

AUCTION: The domain is currently in auction. It is open for bids.

FAILED: The domain was not successfully secured for your account. It means we have failed to catch the name.

DIDN'T WIN: The domain was not successfully secured for your account. It was won by someone else in auction.

Note: We send email notification when we successfully catch the domain name that you requested. If you are the only person who requested the name, we will automatically create an order for you. If there were multiple requests, the domain will go to a public auction where everyone has a chance to win the domain.

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