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    • How do I set up my email address on DynaMail app?

      We now support setting up Pro version email addresses on DynaMail app. To do so, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Email plan and set up below settings Create a Mailbox User and set the email address as the Primary Mailbox on the same page. Enable Remote Access in the General Settings, Remote Access section. Now, you can go to DynaMail app to log in Open DynaMail app Sign In page on your phone. Enter your Email Address and Password. Make sure to use the same password you set up for the Mailbox User. Click the Sign In button to log in. You are now able to use DynaMail app for sending and receiving emails.

    • What is DynaMail?

      We're thrilled to present DynaMail, our official email app designed to meet all your emailing and email management needs! The DynaMail app syncs seamlessly with our email service, ensuring you have access to your custom email addresses' inboxes on any platform. Stay connected with your emails anytime, anywhere, and keep your inbox organized effortlessly with DynaMail's intuitive features. Take charge of your communication, check the below link to download the app and experience the convenience of Dynadot's email platform on the go. iOS: https://dyna.me/DynaMail-iOS Android: https://bit.ly/DynaMail-Android

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