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Domain Restrictions

  • Who can register a .EU domain?

    .EU is considered a country code top-level domain (ccTLD); however, unlike most ccTLDs, it serves the entire European Union (EU), which consists of 28 countries. .EU domains are restricted to the following organizations or individuals: An undertaking having their registered office, central administration, or principal place of business within the European Community; or, An organization established anywhere within the European Community; or, A natural person residing within the European Community. In addition, you must have a mailing address in the EU for your domain Whois. This includes addresses in the following EU countries: Austria (.AT) Belgium (.BE) Bulgaria (.BG) Croatia (.HR) Cyprus (.CY) Czech Republic (.CZ) Denmark (.DK) Estonia (.EE) Finland (.FI) France (.FR) Germany (.DE) Greece (.GR) Hungary (.HU) Iceland (.IS) Ireland (.IE) Italy (.IT) Latvia (.LV) Lichtenstein (.LI) Lithuania (.LT) Luxemburg (.LU) Malta (.MT) Netherlands (.NL) Norway (.NO) Poland (.PL) Portugal (.PT) Romania (.RO) Slovakia (.SK) Slovenia (.SI) Spain (.ES) Sweden (.SE) We try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible; however if we are missing a country that is part of the EU, that should also be acceptable to use for .EU registration.

  • What restrictions does .BERLIN have?

    The .BERLIN domain requires registrants to have an economic, cultural, historical, social, or other connection to Berlin. This connection can include a contact in Berlin. This connection must be demonstrated by: The registrant's place of residence or secondary residence, seat or place of business, subsidiary or permanent establishment in Berlin, or a contact with a seat in Berlin, with an entry in the Whois database, or some other suitable proof such as a certificate provided by an employer, enrollment at a school or higher education institute, or a birth certificate. Registrants can include a person, legal entity, organization, or group of persons. You will be required to set your .BERLIN contact settings upon checkout (click on the "set whois contacts" link) or from within your Dynadot account once your registration is complete.

  • What additional information is required to register .网络œ or .公司¸ domains?

    The central registry for .网络 and .公司, CNNIC, requires either a Chinese Organization Code Certificate Number, Chinese Individual National ID Number, or a copy of your ID or business license.

  • Why do I have to enter a "Registrant" for .PH domains?

    dotPH, the central registry of .PH requires that a registrant is set when a domain is registered. This registrant cannot be changed later through the Dynadot control panel. Instead, you must fill out a change of ownership form and submit it to dotPH. The modification is currently free, although dotPH may change this in the future. If you want to change the email contact associated with the .PH domain, you will also need to fill out the form.

  • Why was my .EU domain deleted?

    EURid, the central registry for .EU will revoke .EU domains if the domain is in violation of their Nexus policies. You must be a natural resident, organization, or have a business within the European Community. For a full list of restrictions, please see the "ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR .EU REGISTRATIONS" section in our Service Agreement.

  • How do I enter the intended use for my .SCOT domain?

    .SCOT registrants are required to state their intended use of the registered domain name. You will be asked to fill this out on checkout, but you can also set up or change your .SCOT domain's intended use settings within your Dynadot account by following these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Click “My Domains”, then “TLD Settings” from the left-side menu bar. Click on the "SCOT Settings" and enter in your .SCOT intended use information here.

  • How do I set my .NYC contact settings?

    .NYC domains are restricted to those with a physical presence in one of New York City's 5 boroughs. You will be required to set up a contact record in New York when you register your .NYC domain. You can also set up or change your .NYC contact settings from within your Dynadot account by following these instructions: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Click “My Domains”, then “TLD Settings” from the left-side menu bar. Click on the "NYC Domain Settings". Set your .NYC Nexus information in the provided form. If you do not have a contact record in New York, you can create one on that page as well.

  • What are the requirements for registering a .BIO domain?

    If you are registering a .BIO domain and you are a producer, a transformer, or a retailer in the field of agriculture, food, and farming and plan to use your .BIO for a website related to organics, you have to commit to not undermining the Principles of Organic Agriculture (POA) as formulated by International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM), which is a partner of the .BIO Registry. (The four POA are health, ecology, fairness, and care.) In addition, you must abide by any regulations in force in the relevant markets where organic products are presented and promoted. By purchasing your .BIO domain, you are agreeing to these requirements. If you do not plan to use your .BIO domain for an organic farming or food related website, there are no restrictions.

  • How do I activate my new .ECO domain name(s)?

    After registering a .ECO domain name, you’ll need to have the domain name activated by the central registry before it can be used. Shortly after registering your new domain you should receive an email from [email protected] with the subject line Activate [yourdomain].eco. If this email hasn’t been received, you can request a new activation email by using the central registry’s tool, which can be found here. This email will include an invitation to create a .ECO profile and activate your domain. When creating your .ECO profile you'll be required to take a pledge to show your commitment to the purpose and principles of .ECO, and affirm your eligibility by sharing your eco actions and commitments. These requirements apply to all .ECO domain names. Once your .ECO profile has been activated, you can begin using your .ECO domains. Failure to complete this process will leave the domain name in a "Server Hold" status until the activation is successful.

  • What additional information is required to register .CN domains?

    CNNIC, the central registry for .CN, requires documentation to register a .CN domain. To do so please specify your contact type as either an Individual or Enterprise. If you choose Individual, you will need to provide a photo ID for the .CN registry's audit process. Please note, the registry accepts passport only for the audit if you are not a Chinese citizen. If you choose Enterprise, you will need to provide photo ID and a copy of your Business License for the .CN registry's audit process. Please note: the CN registry is very strict with the audit. To pass the audit, the name on the ID or business document must match EXACTLY the name of your contact record, including the language and order. Common reject reasons are: document is not clear, not full version or important information is covered by watermark.



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