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    Domain-Related Questions

    • How do I initiate a change ownership request if I am the recipient (Domain Pull)?

      There are two ways to initiate a free change ownership request depending on if you are the recipient (who can do a domain pull) or the current owner (who can a domain push) of the domain. You only need to push the domain or pull the domain, not both. If you are the recipient, you need to have the owner unlock the domain before you start your change ownership domain push order. You should also have the owner make sure the domain is not about to expire because the after the domain pull order is submitted, the owner must authorize the pull before the domain expires. Otherwise, the domain must be renewed by the owner before it can be moved to your account. Once the owner has made sure the domain is not about to expire and unlocked the domain, you can follow these steps to submit your change ownership domain pull order: Go to our Change Domain Ownership page. Enter the domain name you wish to receive. Click on the "Add to Order" button. Follow the "Checkout" process to submit your order. If you do not already have an existing Dynadot account, the system will prompt you to create a free account while your order is being checked out. Once you have submitted the domain pull order, an email will be sent to the owner of the domain asking them to authorize the move. Once they authorize the move, the domain will automatically be pulled from their account and placed in your account. NOTE: You can only do a bulk change ownership request by having the owner submit a domain push order. There is no way for a recipient to submit a bulk domain pull order.

    • What is this $10 late renewal fee?

      Most top-level domains (TLDs) have a grace renewal period. This period is typically up to 40 days and it allows the registrant the chance to renew their domain even after it has expired. During the last 10 days of this renewal grace period, Dynadot charges a $10 late renewal fee. For example, if you own a .COM domain that expired on January 1, 2017, you would have been able to renew your domain at the regular renewal price until January 30, 2017. After this date and until the domain was deleted on February 9, 2017, you would have been charged a $10 late renewal fee, so your total renewal cost would be $20.99 ($10 fee + $10.99 regular renewal price). Following the TLD's grace renewal period, your domain is deleted and put in redemption. During this period, you may still be able to restore your domain, but at a much higher price.

    • How do I cancel my domain deletion request?

      If you have marked your domain for deletion, you have 30 days to cancel that request before the domain is deleted. To cancel your domain deletion request, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Manage" from the "Domains" drop-down menu. In the "Domain Name" column, click on your domain name (which should be a link). Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the "Request Deletion" section. Click on the "Cancel Deletion" button to cancel your domain deletion request. Please note that this help article does NOT refer to a Grace Period Deletion request. If you need to cancel a grace period deletion request, you will need to contact us at info@dynadot.com.

    • How many domains will be processed each day using the Data Analyzer tool?

      There is no limit to the number of domains you can submit to our Data Analyzer tool. The number of domains that you will receive results for each day depends on your pricing level and your total spending amount: Regular - at least 10 results per day Bulk - at least 100 results per day Super Bulk - at least 1000 results per day Anything above that would depend on your total spending amount. Basically, the more you spend with us, the more domains you will receive results for per day.