How do I configure a mail client to work with my Advanced Hosting email?

An email client allows you to access your email account from an application on your computer. cPanel will automatically configure your email client to access your Advanced Hosting email address(es).

NOTE: You must already have an email client installed on your computer to automatically configure it using cPanel.

To configure your mail client, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your cPanel account.
  2. Click on the "Email Accounts" icon.
  3. Under the "Actions" column for each address, you will find a drop-down menu labeled "More". Choose "Configure Email Client" from this menu.
  4. Select and download the appropriate configuration file from the list.
  5. Run the script file to automatically configure a mail client for the selected address.

When completed properly, your email client should open automatically and log into your email account(s).

Please note that we no longer offer our Advanced Hosting product. If you are looking for a web hosting product, we offer VPS Hosting and Email Hosting.