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How can I install WordPress on my VPS with Sentora using Sentastico?

The easiest way to install WordPress on your VPS Hosting with Sentora is to use the Sentastico Module. If you have not installed this module, please do that first.

WordPress requires a database, and database user, so we will start there. Login to your control panel. In the "Database Management" section, click the "MySQL Database" icon. Choose a database name and press the "Create" button. Next, select "MySQL Users" from the "Database" menu. Create a username for your database, select the database name from the drop-down menu, add any wanted IP restrictions and press the "Create" button. A password for the user will be generated for you. Please make note of your database info as it will be needed during the installation process.

Click the "Sentastico" icon on the "Advanced" section of your control panel. On the "Admin" tab you will find a list of available packages. Find and add the "wordpress" package. Move to the "Sentastico" tab and press the "Install" button. Select a domain from the drop-down menu. Click to install to domain root. Press the "Install" button again. You should see a message letting you know the installation was successful. Press the "Install Now" button. You will then be taken to your /wp-admin/setup-config.php page. Select your language and enter in your database info. You can enter "localhost" for database host. Press the "Submit" button. You should see a friendly message indicating that WordPress can now communicate with your database. Press the "Run the Install" button. Enter some basic info and press the "Install Wordpress" button.

You have now successfully installed WordPress on your Dynadot VPS with Sentora!

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