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What internationalized domain extensions in other languages do you offer?

You may already know we support internationalized domain names (IDNs), but now we also support several international domain extensions in a variety of languages! Most were all recently released or are about to launch.

Arabic TLDs:

See our full list of Arabic domain extensions.

Chinese TLDs:

  • .中国 - China's country code domain (ccTLD) (.CN is the English version).
  • .公司 - Chinese version of .COM. See more generic TLDs similar to .COM.
  • .网络 - Chinese version of .NET.
  • .机构ž„ - Chinese version of .ORG.
  • .在线 - Domain for general Chinese websites. 在线 is Chinese for "online".
  • .中文网‘ - Domain for general Chinese websites or Chinese language version websites. 中文网‘ is Chinese for "Chinese language website".
  • .移动 - Domain for Chinese mobile websites. 移动 is Chinese for mobile. See also .MOBI.
  • .世界 - Domain for general Chinese websites. 世界•Œ is Chinese, Korean, & Japanese for "world".

See our full list of Chinese domain extensions.

Cyrillic TLDs:

  • .ОРГ - Russian Cyrillic version of .ORG.
  • .САЙТ - Domain is for generic websites. САЙТ is Russian Cyrillic for "site" or "website".
  • .ОНЛАЙН - Domain is for generic websites. ОНЛАЙН is Russian Cyrillic for "online".
  • .РУС - Relates to Russia the country, Russian people, Russian language, and Russian culture.
  • .МОСКВА & .MOSCOW (English version) - City domain for МОСКВА.

See our full list of Cyrillic domain extensions.

Indian Language/Dialect TLDs:

See our full list of Indian Language/Dialect domain extensions.

Japanese TLDs:

See our full list of Japanese domain extensions.

Korean TLDs:

  • .닷컴 - Korean version of .COM.
  • .닷넷 - Korean version of .NET.
  • .世界 - Korean, Japanese, & Chinese for "world".

See our full list of Korean domain extensions.

Looking for a Latin-based TLD? We also support German TLDs, French TLDs, and Spanish TLDs. You can also check out our full list of TLDs that we support.

We also have many Latin-based TLDs that support domain names in a variety of languages, including those characters other than A-Z. Check out our IDN page to see the languages supported by our TLDs.

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