When will I be required to enter my SMS Authentication code?

SMS Authenticator, along with your "birthday" and Google Authenticator is a great way to add extra security to your account. This is why we recommend adding it as a part of your account security. You will be required to enter your SMS Authentication code at the following places:

  1. Login: If you are not also using Google Authenticator, you will be asked to enter an SMS code at login after your username and password. (However, if you are using Google Authenticator and SMS Authenticator, you will only be asked to enter your Google Authenticator token code at login.)
  2. Unlocking Your Account: You are also required to enter your SMS code when you unlock your account. This will be the true even if you also use Google Authenticator because in that case, you will be asked to enter both codes along with your birthday. Unlocking your account is required for certain account functions such as editing your account info and unlocking your domains.