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What country code domain extensions (ccTLDs) does Dynadot support?

We support several country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) from around the world. Each country is given their own code based on ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes (in most cases; however, there are a few exceptions).

North America:

  • .US - The United States' domain
  • .CA - Canada's domain
  • .MX - Mexico's domain

Central & South America:

  • .CO - Colombia's domain
  • .BZ - Belize's domain


  • .SX - Sint Maarten's domain
  • .AG - Antigua & Barbuda's domain
  • .LC - Saint Lucia's domain
  • .VC - Saint Vincent & Grenadines' domain


  • .DE - Germany's domain
  • .UK - The United Kingdom's domain
  • .IM - The Isle of Man's domain
  • .ME - Montenegro's domain
  • .NL - The Netherlands' domain
  • .AT - Austria's domain
  • .BE - Belgium's domain
  • .PL - Poland's domain
  • .LT - Lithuania's domain



  • .SO - Somalia's domain
  • .SC - Seychelles' domain
  • .IO - British Indian Ocean Territory's domain
  • .AC - Ascension Island's domain
  • .SH - Saint Helena Island's domain


  • .TV - Tuvalu's domain
  • .WS - Samoa's domain (formerly Western Samoa)
  • .PW - Palau's domain
  • .FM - Federated States of Micronesia's domain
  • .CC - Cocos Islands' domain

If you're looking for more general geographic TLDs, we also offer some such as .COUNTRY.

We also support city TLDs and regional TLDs. If you'd like to see what domain extensions we support by area, simply click on the title of the area for more info.

See our full list of TLDs that we support.

Please note that some country codes are restricted (for example, .CA owners must meet Canadian Presence Requirements), while others are marketed for use beyond their country (for example, .ME is also used for personal websites around the world). You can see the TLD restrictions by clicking on the list of TLDs link above or going to the individual TLD page of the TLD you're interested in (i.e. click on the ccTLD above).

*These Indian language domain extensions all mean "India" in their stated language, but are not official ccTLDs of India.

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