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Why is my website offline? - There are many reasons why you may not be able to see your website. The majority of these reasons fall into these four cat... [more]

I just changed my name server settings. Why are they not updated yet? - It takes time for all of the zone name servers located all over the world to up... [more]

Why hasn't my domain been transferred yet? - Domain transfers can take up to six days to complete once the transfer has been authorized and initiated. ... [more]

Why can't I transfer my domain? - There are several reasons why you may not be able to transfer your domain: The domain is in "Registrar Lock" status. ... [more]

Do I get a discount if I buy domain names in bulk? - Yes! Dynadot offers discounted domain pricing when you spend more than $500 with us per year. We h... [more]

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How do I set the header background image on a page in your website builder? - Each of your pages in your website builder can have a different header ba... [more]

How do I change the paragraph spacing from double space to single space in your website builder? - Our website builder automatically adds a double spac... [more]

Does Dynadot keep a domain portfolio? - No, Dynadot does not and has never kept a domain portfolio. In addition to, we also own additional... [more]

Does Dynadot save my searches? - No, Dynadot does not and has never saved any searches on our website. This includes, but is not limited to domain sear... [more]

When will I be required to enter my secret question and answer? - The first time you login to your Dynadot account, we ask you to set up a secret quest... [more]