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  • Как выставить домен на продажу на пользовательском аукционе Dynadot?

    You can now auction your domains with our new User Auctions feature! Auctioning your domain is easy, just follow these steps: Войдите в личный кабинет Dynadot. Before you can list a domain for auction, you will need to unlock your account. Выберите «Мои домены» в меню слева и щелкните «Управление доменами» в раскрывающемся списке. Check the box next to the domain name you wish to list for auction, and select "Sell Domain" from the "Bulk Action" drop-down menu. Select "Auction" from the drop-down list. Set a "Starting Price" for your auction listing. If you would like to use one of our auction landing pages, check the “Auction Landing Page” option, and select the template you would like to use. Please note that this will override any DNS or name server settings currently being used, but the current settings will stay saved in your Dynadot account. Click the "Auction Domain" button to list your domain for auction. ВАЖНО: The auction will start immediately after you click the "Auction Domain" button. YOU CANNOT MODIFY THE AUCTION ONCE IT STARTS, but an auction can be cancelled until a bid is placed. Dynadot's auction commission is 10% of the final price. There is no listing fee at this time. All Dynadot user auctions will last for 7 days. Once a domain has been listed in our User Auctions it cannot be unlocked, deleted, moved to another Dynadot account, or transferred to another registrar. It is not possible to auction a domain that expires in less than 15 days as the processing period will take 5-20 days. Auction proceeds are given in account credit by default. This credit can be used as payment for any future orders placed at Dynadot. NOTE: Dynadot now supports Payouts.

  • What are TrueName domains?

    TrueName domains are domain names that provide protection against phishing and domain fraud using the Donuts registry's proprietary homographic blocking technology. This protection actively prevents bad actors from registering similar or look-a-like domains frequently used to deceive users online while taking advantage of your brand/domain name. This security, combined with the wide variety of unique domain extensions available through the Donuts registry, means you can build your brand presence or website without worry of common domain fraud or malicious phishing tactics. Features and Notes: TrueName domain protection is applied to all Top Level domains under the Donuts registry. If you already own a domain under a Donuts TLD, it will automatically receive TrueName protection. There is no additional cost in registering TrueName domains. Protection will remain for as long as the domain name is registered. Protection is applied at the registry level, which will prevent look-a-like domains from being registered across the web.

  • How do I add my US bank account to my Dynadot account?

    Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Payments" from the left-side menu bar and click "Bank Accounts" on the right. On the next screen, click “Add Bank Account”. (For security reasons a “2-factor authenticator” is required to add a bank account) In the next window click “Continue”. Choose your bank in the list or enter it in the search field. Enter your internet banking credentials. Choose the account you’d like to add and click “Continue”. Click “Continue” one more time and your bank account is linked to your Dynadot account You will be able to use your account to register new domains, set your domains to Auto-renew, set Autopay and add proxy bids for your auctions.

  • How do I withdraw my Dynadot account balance?

    To withdraw your Dynadot account balance, please follow these steps: Войдите в личный кабинет Dynadot. Select "Payments" from the left-side menu bar and click "Payout Log" on the right. Select "Request Payout". Enter the "Payout Amount" and select your preferred currency from the drop-down menu. Select your preferred "Payout Method" from the drop-down. Enter your "Pay Account Email" and "Pay Account Phone Number" if applicable. Нажмите кнопку «Запрос выплаты». Please check our Payout Policy to ensure your account is eligible for a payout.

  • Is the domain I won in the User Auction renewed?

    No, domains that are won in our User Auctions are NOT renewed as part of the purchase. If you would like to renew the domain, this would not be included in the cost of the auction.

  • How do I set up email forwarding if I’m using DNS?

    Every domain registered at Dynadot comes with free email forwarding as well as free domain parking, DNS settings, domain forwarding, ownership changes, and our free website builder! Email forwarding allows you to receive email to an address on your domain name, for example, [email protected] The email is forwarded to an existing email, such as your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other email. To set up email forwarding for your domain whilst using our DNS, please follow these steps: Log into your Dynadot account. Check the box next to your domain name(s) and click on the "Bulk Action" button. Choose "DNS Settings" from the "Bulk Action" list. Under the "Domain Record" section, select “Email Forward“ from the “Record Type” drop-down. Enter in the email address you want for your domain email in the “Alias” box (you do not need to enter the full email address such as [email protected], only the "email" part should be entered from this example). Enter an existing email address that you want your email forwarded to in the "Email" box. Press the ”Save DNS” button save your changes . NOTE: You can specify up to 10 different email addresses to have forwarded. If you want to have catch all email forwarding, enter a * as the email username. There are also some additional limits to our email forwarding. Want to get email for your domain without any limits that doesn't have to be forwarded? Check out our Email Hosting or Website Builder Business Plan.

  • Каковы требования для регистрации домена .NYC?

    Домены .NYC требуют физического присутствия в одном из пяти районов Нью-Йорка. При регистрации домена .NYC вам потребуется создать контактную запись в Нью-Йорке. Если у вас уже есть контактная запись в Нью-Йорке, вы можете выбрать ее из раскрывающегося списка. Позже вы сможете отредактировать параметры контактов .NYC в личном кабинете Dynadot. Ниже представлена информация от реестра .NYC, поясняющая требования к регистрации доменов .NYC. Город Нью-Йорк хочет, чтобы регистрация доменных имен .NYC была разрешена только тем лицам и организациям, кто имеет обоснованную и законную связь с городом ("Nexus Policy"). Регистранты .NYC должны быть либо: физическим лицом, чье основное место жительства — это действительный физический адрес в городе Нью-Йорк (Nexus Category 1); либо предприятием или организацией, которая имеет физический адрес в городе Нью-Йорк (Nexus Category 2). Существование абонентского ящика в городе Нью-Йорк не квалифицируется как критерий, отвечающий Nexus Policy. Регистранты должны заключить соглашение с регистратором и/или реселлером, в зависимости от ситуации, что они соблюдают все соответствующие федеральные законы, законы штата и города Нью-Йорк, включая налоговые требования для ведения бизнеса через Интернет. Регистранты могут найти дополнительную информацию о соответствии налоговому законодательству на веб-сайте департамента финансов Нью-Йорка (на момент написания www.nyc.gov/finance). Регистранты должны соответствовать применимой категории Nexus Category весь период такой регистрации доменных имен регистрантом. Регистранты не могут лицензировать, суб-делегировать или иным образом передавать доменные имена .NYC третьим лицам, которые иным образом не соответствуют требованиям этой политики взаимосвязи (Nexus Policy).

  • How do I pay in installments?

    Dynadot supports installment payment plans for marketplace and auction orders. As a buyer, here's how to select this as an option, depending on where you're purchasing the domain from. For Marketplace Domains:If this option is available for the domain you're interested in purchasing, you'll see the options “Buy Now” or “Pay in Installments”. Click the “Pay in Installments” option. Specify your installment term. For Auction Domains:If this option is available for the domain you're interested in purchasing, you'll see “Installment payment option is available for this auction” on the bidding page. From within your account control panel, click "Aftermarket" in the left-side menu bar. Click "Auction Bids". On the "Auction Bids" screen, click the “Set Installment Plan” option. Specify your installment term. NOTE: You can edit the installment term by following those same steps. In order to use the installment plan for auction domains, you must opt into the installment option before the auction ended. Once the auction ends, this option is no longer available. Any installment terms will also be fixed. For Make Offer Sales: Once both you and the seller have agreed on a price using our Make Offer System , you'll see the options “Buy Now” and “Pay in Installments”. After clicking “Pay in Installments”, specify your installment term. To make manual payment(s) on upcoming installments: From within your account control panel, select "Payments" from the left-side menu bar and click "Installments Due" on the right. Select the domain(s) you would like to make payment on. And click 'Make a payment'. Select the number of payment(s) you would like to make (click 'Select All' if you want to pay the domain in full). Then click 'Send to cart'. Autopay options:For user auctions:Please follow these steps (aftermarket autopay is not applicable for marketplace sales. Please follow the separate steps below for instruction to set autopay for marketplace sales on installment payment plan).NOTE: This must be set prior to the order completing. For marketplace sales: From within your account control panel, select "Payments" from the left-side menu bar and click "Installments Due" on the right. Select the domain you would like to make payment on. Click the payment method tab. Select autopay. Select 'ON' then choose your method. Finally save your method. NOTE: You must agree to the terms of the installment payment in order to proceed in any of the above scenarios. The minimum order cost for installment payments is $100 USD. The minimum number of installments is 2. The maximum number of installments is 12. Your initial payment will include the cost of the installment AND an additional 15% down. The sale proceeds are credited to the seller as we receive payments from the buyer, typically on a monthly basis, unless the buyer has chosen to pay the remaining sum earlier. Sales are added to the sellers account as Dynadot account credit, but can be paid out on request. Please note: Expired Auction orders have a max installment limit of 10 months. More information on Installment Payment Plan

  • Do you have a Payout Policy?

    Yes, we provide payouts for account credit with the following conditions: Please request a refund to the original payment method if the order is still eligible for a refund. There is a 5% fee on account credit that is paid out to cover costs associated with the transaction. The minimum payout amount in USD that can be requested is $100 USD. The minimum payout amount in CNY that can request is 700 yuan. Payouts are made via PayPal to the email that you specify. Payouts via Alipay are available for account credit in CNY and are made to the account associated with the email or phone number that you specify. Payouts by check are also available for account credit in USD. Because PayPal charges extra fees to payout International accounts, there may be an additional cost for payouts under $500 USD. Requesting a payout of less than $500 USD can result in additional fees. You may be required to verify account details. Updating your account information will trigger a month long waiting period. Payout requests can be denied if we are unable to verify the account holder, fraudulent activity has been identified, or is suspected in connection with the account making the request. First time payout orders will take longer, it can take a minimum of seven to ten business days to complete. Subsequent payout orders can take two to five business days to complete. NOTE: Dynadot is not responsible for any additional fees that may be charged by PayPal. Accounts must be active for at least 6 months if you are requesting a payout. Withdraws of prepay credit upon which a bonus have been received or granted will result in the bonus being forfeited.

  • Is my domain eligible to be listed for a User Auction?

    Most domains would be eligible to be listed for auction, however there can be some exceptions: .IN domains cannot be listed for auction. Domains that expire in less than 15 days cannot be listed for auction. Domains that are under a "Buy Lock" status or an "Auction Lock" status cannot be listed for auction



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