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Want to add domain privacy to your domains in bulk? We have two available privacy options: partial privacy, which hides all of your personal information except your name, and full privacy, which hides all of your personal information including your name. You can easily add privacy to your domains by following these steps:

  1. 登录您的Dynadot账户。
  2. 点击“我的域名”,然后从左侧菜单里中点击“管理域名”。
  3. 在您要添加隐私的域名旁的复选框内打钩;要选择全部域名,请在列表顶部的复选框打钩。
  4. 选择“批量操作”列表中的“隐私设置”。
  5. 从下拉菜单选择“部分”或“全部”隐私并点击“保存”按钮将隐私添加至您的域名。

If you choose to use our domain privacy service, your personal information (email address, mailing address, phone number, etc.) is replaced by our domain privacy service information, and will not be sent to the central registry. This will also happen when we escrow your Whois data to the third party data escrow service as required by ICANN.






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