是的, 我们支持满足以下条件的账户余额提现:

  • 如果订单仍符合退款条件,请提交退款至原支付方式的退款请求。
  • 会有提现金额5%的费用来支付该项交易所产生的费用。
  • 可申请的最低提现金额为$100 USD。
  • Payouts are made via PayPal to the email that you specify. Payouts via Alipay are available for account credit in CNY and are made to the account associated with the email or phone number that you specify. Payouts by check are also available for account credit in USD.
  • Because PayPal charges extra fees to payout International accounts, there may be an additional cost for payouts under $500 USD. Requesting a payout of less than $500 USD can result in additional fees.
  • 谨防欺诈,您可能需要提供身份证明或者通过邮件验证来验证账户信息。
  • 支出订单需要约2个工作日来完成。

NOTE: Dynadot is not responsible for any additional fees that may be charged by PayPal. Accounts must be active for at least 6 months if you are requesting a payout on a prepay.