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  • What is a ccSLD?

    A ccSLD is a country code second-level domain. Second-level domain (SLD) refers to the part of the domain name that is to the left of the dot and, in this case, what is to the right of the dot is a ccTLD, or country code top-level domain. For example, .UK, the ccTLD for the United Kingdom allows registrations on .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, and .ME.UK - all of which are ccSLDs. Dynadot supports the following ccSLDs: ccTLD ccSLD .AG .COM.AG.NET.AG.ORG.AG.CO.AG.NOM.AG .AT .CO.AT.OR.AT .BZ .COM.BZ.NET.BZ.ORG.BZ.CO.BZ .CN .COM.CN.NET.CN.ORG.CN .CO .COM.CO.NET.CO.NOM.CO .IM .COM.IM.NET.IM.ORG.IM.CO.IM .IN .NET.IN.ORG.IN.CO.IN.IND.IN.GEN.IN.FIRM.IN .LC .COM.LC.NET.LC.ORG.LC.L.LC.P.LC .MX .COM.MX .PH .COM.PH.NET.PH.ORG.PH .PL .COM.PL.NET.PL.ORG.PL.INFO.PL.BIZ.PL .SC .COM.SC.NET.SC.ORG.SC .SO .COM.SO.NET.SO.ORG.SO .UK .CO.UK.ORG.UK.ME.UK .VC .COM.VC.NET.VC.ORG.VC What is a third-level domain?What is a subdomain?

  • What is a domain registration?

    A domain registration is the process of reserving a domain name for a set amount of time. Although once the domain is registered under your name or organization, you are considered the "owner," you are only the owner for as long as the domain name is registered to you. Most domains offer the option to register them for a maximum of 10 years, though many registrants choose to register domains for just 1 year at a time. Learn more about the domain life cycle See our domain registration prices What is a domain renewal? What is a domain transfer?

  • What is a gTLD?

    A gTLD is a generic top-level domain. Top-level domain (TLD) refers to what is to the right of the dot in a domain name, sometimes referred to as the domain extension. Generic means that search engines will see it as generic, i.e. having no regional targeting for searches. All generic TLDs are at least three characters or more. The original gTLDs are .COM, .NET, and .ORG, which were delegated in 1985. Since then, the number of gTLDs has grown, most recently with the new gTLD delegations starting in 2014. A gTLD is one type or category of TLD that is distinguished by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Other TLD categories include country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), sponsored top-level domains (sTLDs) and internationalized top-level domains (IDN TLDs). In addition, you may see reference to new TLDs (nTLDs) and regional or geographic TLDs (geoTLDs); however these are both unofficial categories because TLDs that fall into these categories are considered gTLDs*. Another unofficial category is gccTLDs, which are ccTLDs that are considered generic. *Google and other search engines generally consider regional TLDs to be generic for search usage and do not assign any regional targeting to them.

  • What is an IP address?

    IP addresses (also known as Internet Protocol addresses) are the principal communications protocols for the Internet. There are currently two types: IPv4 - a combination of four sets of numbers separated by periods (for example, IPv6 - represented as eight groups of four hexadecimal numbers separated by colons (for example, 2001:0db8:0000:0042:0000:8a2e:0370:7334) The latter was introduced because IPv4 has been exhausted due to the rapid growth of the Internet, since each computer connected to the Internet has a unique IP address. An IP address is used as the computer's ID on the Internet so it can send and receive information from other computers on the network. While computers can store, recall, and work with multiple numbers very easily, humans have trouble remembering random series of numbers. To address this, the Domain Name System (DNS) was created.

  • What are smart domain folders?

    Smart folders give you a way to group your domains. With our smart domain folders, you can more easily set Whois records, name server settings, renew options, and transfer locks for a group of domains. How do I create a smart folder? How do I move domains in and out of smart folders?

  • What is a domain watch list?

    A domain watch list is a list of domains that someone wants to track. This can consist of domains they want to one day purchase, domains they are interested in that are in our auctions, etc. Our new domain watch list tracks any domain and our system will let you know when a domain: goes from registered to unregistered goes from unregistered to registered enters our Marketplace enters our Expired Domain Auctions is available to Backorder How do I add domains to the watch list? How do I remove a domain from my watch list?

  • What is a community TLD?

    A community TLD is a top level domain that is operated for the benefit of a clearly delineated community. Community TLDs were first introduced as an application type during ICANN's New gTLD Program. According to the program, applicants could apply as a "Community-Based Delegation" and they would be given priority for their TLD if there were to be an auction due to multiple applicants. An example of a new TLD that was applied for as a community TLD is .SCOT, which represents Scottish people, businesses, and culture online (Scotland is considered part of the United Kingdom and does not have its own ccTLD and is under .UK). Please note that although there were many community TLD applicants, not all were successful as "Community-Based Delegations" due to ICANN's strict requirements for what that meant. All TLDs that might be considered community TLDs are also considered gTLDs.

  • What is SEO?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. Following SEO best practices will help Google and other search engines find and rank your website better. There are a lot of great resources online to help you learn SEO best practices and we recommend doing some research, especially since SEO, along with the search engines, is always changing. If you're using our website builder, we have made it easy to fill out a few key things that search engines look for, including: Website Title Website Description Image Alt Text We recommend using relevant keywords in each of these section as well as in the main content of your website.

  • Why has my .EU domain been quarantined? What does that mean?

    The most common reason for a .EU domain being quarantined is because it was not renewed and has been deleted. .EU domains are deleted and placed into a quarantine status at the end of the month. The quarantine period lasts for 40 days and any websites or email addresses attached to the domain names will no longer work. Once the quarantine period has passed, the domain names are released and can be registered by anyone on a first-come-first-served basis. Can my .EU domain be reactivated once it's been placed in quarantine? Yes, if the domain is still in quarantine, it can be restored. The cost for this will be higher than a standard renewal.

  • What is a premium domain?

    A premium domain is a domain that has been previously registered, often because it has the potential of becoming a memorable web address. Premium domains have high marketing potential and many of them already receive significant traffic. Premium domains are also often referred to as aftermarket domains, secondary market domains, high-value domains, great domains, or top domains. When you buy a premium domain, it is placed into your Dynadot account, usually in 10-20 business days. There is also another type of premium domain known as a "registry premium domains." These are premium domains that are set aside by the central registry and sold at a premium (higher) price. The majority of the new TLDs we launch have premium domain lists. Please note that premium prices are subject to change per the registry. This applies to registration, renewal, and transfer pricing. Is the domain you’re looking for taken or unavailable? Enter keywords into our domain suggestion tool and discover quality domains that are available for registration.



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