What is a backorder auction?

When a domain in our drop catch receives more than one backorder request, it is sent to a private 3-day auction. The auction is only open to customers who originally placed a backorder request for the domain that was caught. If you were the first customer to place a backorder request for that domain, a starting bid of $5 over the backorder price will be placed for you. If a bid is received in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the end time will be extended by 5 minutes. This will happen, at most, once per auction.

For additional bids, we use proxy bidding. Learn how to place a bid in our 3-day backorder auctions.

After the 3-day auction ends, an order will automatically be created for the highest bidder and they have 47 hours to pay for their order. If they do not pay for it, the second highest bidder will be given 24 hours to pay for their order. Once the order is complete, the domain will be placed in the winner's account.

Please note that when you place a backorder, you are agreeing to pay for that domain in the event we catch it for you and the same goes for your participation in a backorder auction. If you do not pay for your domain, you will be banned from our auctions.