Why am I banned from your expired auctions and backorders?

You should have noticed that when you bid on an expired auction and/or place a backorder request, you had to check a box agreeing to pay. When you do not pay for your domain, you are banned from both our expired auctions and our backorders.

Expired Auctions

In the past, some users have failed to pay for their expired auction orders. This is detrimental to our auction system since it not only inflates the price of the domain bought, but it also means the domain will probably be deleted.

Expired auction winners will be given 48 hours to pay. If payment is not received and there were additional bidders, the second highest bidder will have 24 hours to pay.


It takes resources to catch a dropping domain, especially since there is often competition from other registrars trying to catch the same domain. If we catch a domain, but do not receive payment for it, we have no choice but to release the domain.

If we catch a domain with only one backorder request, an order will be automatically created and the customer has 48 hours to complete the payment.

If we catch a domain with multiple backorder requests, the domain will go to a public backorder auction. The winner of the auction will be given 47 hours to complete their payment. If they do not pay, the second highest bidder will be given 24 hours to complete their payment.

If you wish to have an auction ban removed, please email info@dynadot.com with your request.