Why did I receive a Credit Card Problem email? I called my credit card company and they assured me that the charge went through.

While your credit card company can confirm the charge now, it will not appear on your bill because the charge did not go through on our end. There are a number of reasons why we may not have been able to charge your card:

  • The address you entered for the card does not match up with the billing address of the card.
  • The zip code does not match up.
  • The cvv code you entered for the card does not match up. (This is the three digit code on the back of the card or the four digit code on the front of American Express cards.)

Please sign in to your Dynadot account and correct your credit card information. Then try charging your card from within your Dynadot account to see if it goes through.

If you wish to use a different credit card instead, you can edit your payment and enter a different credit card or even choose a completely different payment option to pay for your order.