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Why do I have to enter an "Intended Usage" when registering a .US domain?

.US domains are restricted. The central registry for .US requires registrants to fill out their "Intended Usage" and "Registrant Type" upon registration.

The registrant must indicate their "Intended Usage" of the .US domain by selecting one of the following categories:

  • Personal use
  • Business for profit
  • Non-profit business, association, religious organization, club, etc.
  • Education purposes
  • Government purposes

Once you have entered these settings and successfully registered a .US domain, you will not be asked to fill them out with additional .US registrations. If you need to update your settings, you can change your .US Nexus settings from within your Dynadot account.

Please note that the .US central registry will delete .US domains that are in violation of their Nexus policies.

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