What is a User Auction?

Great news, we have expanded our Marketplace and we now support User Auctions! With our new User Auctions feature, Dynadot users can list a domain for auction, and the highest bidder may then receive the domain in their Dynadot account.

If you want to bid on a User Auction domain:

  • Auctions last for 7 days, and you can bid anytime during that period. If a bid is received in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the end time will be extended by 5 minutes. This can happen up to 20 times before the auction's "end time" is set.
  • You may place a proxy bid for higher than the current minimum bid. If someone else places a bid, the system will automatically bid for you until your max proxy bid amount is reached.
  • Once a domain has been listed for auction, the auction cannot be modified, but can be cancelled the seller until a bid is placed.
  • If you are the highest bidder when the auction ends, you have 3 calendar days to pay for the auction. Once you pay, the domain is moved into your Dynadot account.
  • To bid on an auction, first create a Dynadot account if you do not have one. We require at least $5 account spending before you can participate in our User Auctions. You can prepay $5 into your account and use the account credit to pay for your first won auction, or any other purchase with us.
  • Domains won in our User Auctions will be placed in "Buy Lock" status for 30 days.

NOTE: Domains purchased from a User Auction will not be renewed, and will retain their original expiry date.

If you want to list your domain for auction:

  • We have a step-by-step guide on how to list your domain for auction.
  • The auction will start immediately after you click the "Auction Domain" button. YOU CANNOT MODIFY THE AUCTION ONCE IT STARTS, but an auction can be cancelled until a bid is placed.
  • Dynadot's auction commission is 10% of the final price. There is no listing fee at this time.
  • All Dynadot User Auctions will last for 7 days.
  • Once a domain has been listed in our User Auctions it cannot be unlocked, deleted, moved to another Dynadot account, or transferred to another registrar.
  • It is not possible to auction a domain that expires in less than 15 days as the processing period will take 5-20 days.
  • Auction proceeds are given in account credit. This credit can be used as payment for any future orders placed at Dynadot.

NOTE: Dynadot now supports Payouts.