What Asian domain extensions does Dynadot support?

We support several Asian country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), as well as regional and city TLDs. Some TLDs may have recently launched or will be launching soon.


  • .CN - China's domain (Latin version)
  • .中国 - China's domain (Chinese version).
  • .IN - India's domain
  • .LA - Laos's domain
  • .MN - Mongolia's domain
  • .PH - The Philippine's domain

Regional TLDs:

  • .ASIA - Regional domain for Asia.
  • .DESI - Regional domain for the Indian sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka).

City TLDs:

  • .TAIPEI - City domain for Taipei, Taiwan.
  • .OKINAWA - City domain for Okinawa. Can also be used as a regional domain for the Island and Prefecture of Okinawa.
  • .OSAKA - City domain for Osaka. Can also be used as a regional domain for the Prefecture of Osaka.
  • .NAGOYA - City domain for Nagoya.
  • .TOKYO - City domain for Tokyo, Japan's capital city.
  • .YOKOHAMA - City domain for Yokohama.
  • .MOSCOW & .МОСКВА - City domain for Moscow (English version)/МОСКВА (Russian Cyrillic version). Please note the city is technically located in the European part of Russia.

In addition to these geographically focused TLDs, we also offer several Chinese TLDs, Hindi TLDs, Cyrillic TLDs, Korean TLDs, and Japanese TLDs.

If you want to see more ccTLDs, regional TLDs, or city TLDs that we support, simply click on the title. You can also check out our full list of TLDs that we support.