We support several Japanese TLDs or top-level domain extensions. Most are new TLDs that have recently been released.

  • .コム - Japanese version of .COM.
  • .みんな - Domain for general Japanese websites. みんな is Japanese for "everyone".
  • .世界 - Japanese, Chinese, & Korean for "world".
  • .MOE - Domain for fan websites. The word "moe" (which is 萌え in Japanese and pronounced moh-ay) is a Japanese fan culture slang word that has often been used to mean "adorable" or "cute" when referring to fictional characters, people, animals, and more.
  • .NINJA
  • .TOKYO - City domain for Tokyo, Japan's capital city.
  • .NAGOYA - City domain for Nagoya.
  • .YOKOHAMA - City domain for Yokohama.
  • .OKINAWA - City domain for Okinawa/Regional domain for Okinawa Prefecture and Okinawa Island.
  • .OSAKA - City domain for Osaka/Regional domain for Osaka Prefecture.

See our full list of TLDs that we support.

We also have many other TLDs that support domain names in Japanese. Check out our IDN page to see the languages supported by our TLDs.