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  • Who can register a .EU domain?

    .EU is considered a country code top-level domain (ccTLD); however, unlike most ccTLDs, it serves the entire European Union (EU), which consists of 27 countries..EU domains are restricted to the following organizations or individuals: An undertaking having their registered office, central administration, or principal place of business within the European Community; or, An organization established anywhere within the European Community; or, A natural person residing within the European Community. In addition, you must have a mailing address in the EU for your domain Whois. This includes addresses in the following EU countries: Austria (.AT) Belgium (.BE) Bulgaria (.BG) Croatia (.HR) Cyprus (.CY) Czech Republic (.CZ) Denmark (.DK) Estonia (.EE) Finland (.FI) France (.FR) Germany (.DE) Greece (.GR) Hungary (.HU) Iceland (.IS) Italy (.IT) Latvia (.LV) Lithuania (.LT) Luxembourg (.LU) Malta (.MT) Netherlands (.NL) Poland (.PL) Portugal (.PT) Romania (.RO) Slovakia (.SK) Slovenia (.SI) Spain (.ES) Sweden (.SE) We try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible; however if we are missing a country that is part of the EU, that should also be acceptable to use for .EU registration.

  • Why has my .EU domain been quarantined? What does that mean?

    The most common reason for a .EU domain being quarantined is because it was not renewed and has been deleted. .EU domains have no renewal grace period. If not renewed, they will be deleted from your account 5 days prior to their expiration date. The quarantine period lasts for 40 days and any websites or email addresses attached to the domain names will no longer work. Once the quarantine period has passed, the domain names are released and can be registered by anyone on a first-come-first-served basis. Can my .EU domain be reactivated once it's been placed in quarantine?Yes, if the domain is still in quarantine, it can be restored. The cost for this will be higher than a standard renewal.

  • Why were 2 years added to my .EU domain after I restored it?

    After your .EU domain expires, it is deleted and placed into a quarantine status at the end of the month. If you choose to restore your .EU domain after this deletion, the system will add 2 years to your domain expiration date.If you have chosen to delete your domain before its expiration date and then decide to restore it, the system will only add 1 year to your domain expiration date.

  • When should I renew my .EU domain name?

    .EU domains have no renewal grace period. If not renewed, they will be deleted from your account 5 days prior to their expiration date. If you wish to recover your domain after it is deleted, you will need to pay the restore fee of $29.99.

  • Why was my .EU domain deleted?

    EURid, the central registry for .EU will revoke .EU domains if the domain is in violation of their Nexus policies. You must be a natural resident, organization, or have a business within the European Community.For a full list of restrictions, please see the "ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR .EU REGISTRATIONS" section in our Service Agreement.

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