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International Domain Names (IDNs)

  • I was searching for a domain and received a "charset problem" message. What does this mean?

    This error means that our system was unable to parse the domain name you are searching. In most cases, the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) you entered combines two different languages. Sometimes combining characters from two different languages into one IDN is not allowed. Our system will try to match your entry to all languages before issuing this error.

  • What Korean domain extensions do you support?

    We support a few Korean TLDs or top-level domain extensions. They are all new TLDs that have recently been released. .닷컴 - .COM in Korean .닷넷 - .NET in Korean .世界 - Japanese, Chinese, & Korean for "world". .KIM - Personalized domain extension for those with Korea's most popular surname, "Kim". See our full list of TLDs that we support. We also have many other TLDs that support domain names in Korean. Check out our IDN page to see the languages supported by our TLDs.



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