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What is a premium .TV domain name?

A Premium .TV domain is a .TV domain that is designated as "premium" by the Central Registry, Verisign. These domains were reserved by Verisign, so any registration attempts for these domains were originally blocked. Verisign has since opened up these valuable domains for registration, but at a higher initial registration price than normal .TV domains.

Initial registration prices vary depending on the premium .TV domain name and in some cases also apply to renewals and transfers.


The renewal price for many premium .TV domains will be the same as any normal .TV domain. However, the renewal fee for certain premium .TV domains will be higher. The Central Registry decides which. If a domain is registered for multiple years in the initial registration, the additional years will cost the same as the first year premium price.


Premium .TV domains can be transferred. If you want to transfer away from Dynadot, check the .TV transfer price with the receiving registrar. If you are transferring in to Dynadot, you will see the cost reflected in your shopping cart.

Grace Deletions

The grace period for all premium .TV domain names will be the same as regular .TV domains.

Please note that premium prices are subject to change per the Registry. This applies to registration, renewal, and transfer pricing.

Premium .TV domain names are NOT the same as premium domains. "Premium domains" are domains that are currently registered while premium .TV domains are .TV domains that were held back from registration by the central registry. This is also known as "registry premium domains."

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