I did not receive the verification call, can you call me again?

There are a few reasons why you may not have received the phone number verification call:

  • You forgot which phone number is listed in your account.
  • The area code is missing in your account.
  • The country code is missing in your account.
  • You put the area code in the country code field.

To check your phone number, please log in to your Dynadot account. You'll see your phone number listed on the right hand side under "Info" when you're on the "Summary" page. If you need to update, click on the "My Info" tab in the main menu and unlock your account.

In the first box, you must put the country code (For example, "01" is the country code for the United States) and then you can enter the area code and phone number in the second box.

Once you have updated your phone number, our system will send you a new email and phone number verification link later that day or sometime the following day.

If your phone number is listed correctly and you still did not receive the call, please contact customer support directly at 1(650) 262-0100.

Please note that any time you update your account information, you will receive a Account Info Whois Verification email.