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What is the difference between full and partial domain privacy?

Our domain privacy service allows you to hide your personal contact information from showing up in the public Whois database, protecting you from spammers and scammers. We offer two types of domain privacy options:

Partial Domain Privacy replaces your address, phone number, and email address with Dynadot's information, but leaves your name visible in the Whois database.

Full Domain Privacy replaces all of your personal contact information including your name with Dynadot's information.

Please note that full domain privacy is the default privacy setting. You can see an example of our full privacy on our Domain Privacy page. You can change your domain privacy type in your Dynadot account.

Not sure what information is showing in the Whois database for your domain? You can do a Whois lookup for your domain to find out. Then, if needed, you can easily add privacy to an existing domain in your Dynadot account.

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