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Can't Withdraw , What would I buy with $1751 !
Posted By rina
8/12/2014 12:09
I got a credit balance on my account for $ 1751, from the sale of the domain market , but why I can not withdraw to my paypal account?

The balance is my right, from the sale of my domain, and Dynadot has taken 5% of the sale of the domain, but why Dynadot still hold my balance, I could move at least 50% to my paypal account,

This is not fair, Dynadot forced me to spend $ 1,751 just to shop at their website?
i just blogger ..

How long should I drained my account, if I only need a few domains?, until I die, credit in my account is not depleted
I am 32 years of age, most of my life 30 years from now
If I only need 4 domains,
1 domain = $ 10 / year, so 4 domain = $ 40 / year, if we calculate the $ 40 x 30 = $ 1200, I still have a $ 500 balance with Dynadot

so Dynadot will take money from people who have died??

Please considered admin??
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8/12/2014 14:03
Marketplace sale proceeds are only given in account credit. We currently don't have a payout option available. This is stated on the page where you set the domain for sale in your account and it's also stated in our help file.

What is the "Domain Sale" process for your Marketplace?

Our Marketplace has many domains listed for sale. Our "Domain Sale" process is structured to help potential buyers purchase the domain they want immediately without the hassle of contacting the seller directly. This benefits the seller too since it helps them sell more domains with less work. Here's how it works:

  1. A seller lists a domain for sale at a specific price in our Marketplace.
  2. An interested buyer sees this domain for sale and decides to buy it. He/she adds the domain to their shopping cart, checks out, and submits payment.
    • If the domain is registered with another registrar, the domain transfer fee will be displayed on the domain listing page and added to the final price.
  3. Our system automatically moves the domain to the buyer's Dynadot account so they can use the domain immediately. The domain will stay on a "Buy Lock" status for 30 days. This prevents the buyer from moving the domain to another Dynadot account or transferring the domain to another domain registrar.
  4. The sale proceeds are credited to the seller's Dynadot account (minus a 10% Marketplace commission fee) after the processing period ends.


  • Dynadot marketplace commission fee is 10% of the sold price. There is no listing fee at this time.
  • The processing period will take 5-7 days.
  • The sale proceeds are credited as Dynadot account credit, but can be paid out on request.

What other ways can you earn on Dynadot?

Participate in our Refer-a-Friend program. Earn $5 for every friend you refer to Dynadot, and your friends earn $5 too!

Join our affiliate program. Advertise Dynadot on your website and earn commission.

From Help Section: Domain Market > Marketplace > What is the "Domain Sale" process for...

We apologize for the confusion. You can use the credit as payment towards any future orders.
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Posted By rina
8/12/2014 14:35
Please tell me what should i buy sir?
so my balanced runs out, that i only know blogging?
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Posted By rina
8/12/2014 14:41
it's not fair Sir, if the credit $100 to $500 its okay no need for withdraw,
i buying domain from Dynadot with paypal, so why dynadot cant send me paypal?
what i wanna buy with $1751??
Please tell me sir, what should i buy on dynadot, so my balanced runs out, that i'm only know blogging?
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8/13/2014 08:37
You can register domains, purchase hosting, and SSL. Unfortunately, a payout option isn't available at this time.
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9/19/2014 05:21
I was just caught unawares by this myself. No where in the management interface does it warn you that you will only receive account credit.

I was trying to list a domain on AfterNIC, but the button wouldn't come up. So I clicked for sale to yes thinking just maybe that was necessary (since the Dynadot AfterNIC instructions don't seem to work on my account). No warning that I would only receive account credit. No terms to accept.

And of course, before the domain ever shows up on AfterNIC someone buys it on Dynadot for $1500 and my domain is effectively stolen.

What is the ETA on a real marketplace solution with payouts?
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9/23/2014 12:02
The "For Sale" page does state the following:

"Sale proceeds are given as Dynadot account credit. We do not have a payout option yet, however, it is being worked on. We will let you know when this payout option has been added to our system."

This is noted directly above the section were you clicked "Yes" to set the domain for sale.

We do not have an ETA on payouts just yet as there are many legal issues to consider. Once we have something available, we will be sure to post on our forums and also update the account area.
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k_b_holmfirth_gb replied teamdynadot :8/16/2017 09:58
i keep on seeing that you are working on a payout system. How hard is this?
3 years later from this message and no pay out options.
you did not find it hard to set up a pay option, so why so hard to make a payout option?
When will you have this option?
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9/26/2014 08:36
As noted in our recent chat, the domain management interface lets you list a domain for sale without ever seeing the account credit only disclaimer.

So you can EASILY using the standard interface list a domain for sale on the "Marketplace" without ever finding out you won't get paid.

Seller beware.
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9/30/2014 12:38
Thank you, the issue has been corrected.
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10/22/2014 21:13
I only know about dynadot don't offer fund withdrawal / transfer.

I just caught inside dynadot without any option to transfer out the fund to paypal.

I request to have this feature.

It is not fair and i'm uninformed about this.
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10/23/2014 05:33
Good to know.
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